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when is mothers day?

"When is Mothers Day?"

It is one question I hope every child asks.

This special lady has tended to your every need, taught you the things you take for granted.

Finding out when the day is and how to make it special, is the very least you could do!


  • When is it?
  • How to celebrate Mothering Sunday?
  • Ideal Mothers Day gift ideas...
  • Finding your ideal Mothers Day Card...
My own Mum and sisterMy Mum and sister with me

No matter how old you are, we're a firm believer that your Mum (or your maternal figure), should be spoilt on this day!

when is mothers day - the date...

Depending on where you are in the world, will depend on when Mothers Day is for you...




United States

Second Sunday in May

May 13, 2018

United Kingdom & Ireland

Fourth Sunday of Lent

March 11, 2018

Australia & New Zealand

Second Sunday in May

May 13, 2018

Note: Typically the majority of countries celebrate the day at the same time as the USA. 

To work out when it is for the UK, you need to find out when Ash Wednesday is.  Why?  As this is the first day of Lent.

when is mothers day - my plans...

I used to enjoy plotting to celebrate Mothering Sunday.

The look of amazement on my Mum's face used to make my day.

How would I do this? As I'm in the UK, for me it would start at some point in February...

  1. First, when is Mothers Day, and how long do I have to plan?
  2. Discretely try to find out what my parents were doing that weekend.
  3. Check my finances and work out available funds
  4. Liaise with my sister, so that we don't clash!

There are times that my sister and I would club together and get something Mum really wanted as a "gift from her girls".

While other times, I would make arrangements to take her out for a meal.

Tea & CakesTea for Mom!
"Mary Rose", the name given to this rose and also my mother's maiden name

Unfortunately, my Mum lost her battle against cancer in 2006.  

I use Mothering Sunday as a day to remember her.  I visit her grave with some of her favourite flowers.  

I then make sure that the day is spent with my own children having plenty of fun.  

This usually involves them eating the chocolates they bought me, and a day out to the park!

when is mothers day - how your can spoil your mum

For those that live at home...

These are a few of the things that I used to try to do on Mothering Sunday...

  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Preparing dinner
  • Clean your room(!) 
  • Insist Mum is taken out
  • tidy the house 
  • Complete the ironing
My young familyMy family 2010

For those that are on a budget...

Where my funds really wouldn't permit much, as I was in my own home, I would do one of the following...

  • A surprise visit to see Mum
  • Home grown plants for the garden
  • Knitted garment
  • Salt Dough ornament
  • Invite Mum to tea
fun family photoFun times


Knowing when is Mothers Day, will mean that you can arrange a wonderful gift for your Mum. The more thought you are able to put into the gift, the better received it will be!

I was just beginning to get to the point where I could really spoil my Mum. Here are some of the items I planned to do over the years to come...

  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Dinner out
  • A popular show
  • Weekend away
  • A trip on the river
  • A pamper session
  • Trips to stately homes

These are just a few things you could consider doing. Find out what your Mum enjoys to do with her time. Things she would like to see or do.

Booking in advance helps, and also permits you time to get your Mum wondering about what you have planned. However, don't spill the beans!


With the answer to "when is Mothers Day?" tucked under your belt, you can now go in search of the ideal Mothers Day card.

Here you want to consider what your Mum likes. Pay attention to the following...

  • The imagery on the card - what does she like?
  • The words inside - could they have been written by you?
  • Check the overall card, does everything suit your Mum?

In very many cases, Mum's appreciate anything that you have handcrafted.  It means more.

You've taken the time and the effort. You've completed it to a high standard.

It will be treasured for a long time to come.

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