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The Wedding Planning Checklist is a free downloadable excel spreadsheet. All forumla's are written within this, and protected, so there should be little margin for error.

The spreadsheet, will manage the following elements of your day, allowing to build a budget for each, and pull together an overall budget plan, using the features on the To Do Listing tab:

The checklist is available here: Wedding Planning Checklist, any particular instructions are detailed lower down this page.

You'll find also additional checklists to support the information that you require to build your wedding planning checklist - these can be found here:

Now to look at the specifics of what you are going to need to collect, and the decisions you and your spouse-to-be will need to make...


Make sure that you download your Wedding Planning Checklist. When you open the file you will default to the "To Do Listing".  Below are the instructions for each tab within the workbook...


This tab pulls data from all of the other tabs within the workbook. You will see that the titles are hyperlinked, and by clicking those, they will take you to the direct tab to update with your information.

The To Do Listing will provide you with a recommended time frame, however depending on your chosen wedding date, you may need to bring these timings forward.

The yellow boxes at the top of the page should be completed with your Wedding Date and Time; this will then drive your Due Dates column.


The Venue Checklist looks at the type of wedding you are looking to hold:

  • Civil Ceremony or Civil Partnerships - finding the venue, booking this, making sure the Officials approve of the venue and can attend.
  • Church Wedding - detailing the Minister, organising reading of your Banns, contact for the church flowers, organist, bell ringing and requirements for videography
  • Destination Wedding - record the details of your chosen Travel Agent.
  • Hotel Reception - record your Hotel Wedding Planner's details as well as the rooms that you are looking to hire, and the costs involved.
  • Hall Reception - record the Hall co-ordinator's details, how much you will need to pay, what corkage costs there will be, and whether you have room in your budget to hire a Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies.
  • Food and Drinks - Covering all the meals and drinks that you wish to include within your wedding day.
  • Cake - Finding the perfect supplier, meeting with them and talk through your requirements. Here you have space to record your likes and dislikes, and the appropriate costs.
  • Music and Entertainment - Record here what you wish to achieve for your wedding. You may be considering table top amusements, Entertainers, Disposable Cameras, something to keep children amused? What about a Guest Book, are you considering a Live Band, chosing your first dance wedding song and whether you need to consider dance lessons; all can be recorded here.

Recording this information in a central location will mean you can advise all those that need to know of your chosen decision. If you do not want to send the whole workbook or even an editable one (you should hold the original), you can either print the page to as a pdf file, or copy the worksheet into a new workbook.


This tab is to be used in conjunction with the Wedding Guest List, as the guest list will provide you with the number of required invitations that you need. There is also space for you to assess up to 4 designs, and choose the best option for yourself.


You can record 3 options of dresses, record your fitting dates, and should you wish to do so, there is space to put your "On the Day" appointments in. You should be able to record the name of your dress, your wedding jewellery, underwear, shoes, veil, make up, hair do, and / or other accessories.


Within this tab you can record the details and fitting dates for your Maid of Honor, your Bridesmaids and any Page Boys/Ring Bearers


This is for more than just the Groom, there is also space to record the details for the Best Man and each Usher's outfits.


This tab you can use with the organiser of your transport. You can provide it as a timetable of events, to ensure that all involved are in the right place at the right time.

You can also vary the transport options for each person as required, so if you plan to arrive by horse and carriage, you may have organised a vehicle for the Mother of the Bride and the the Bridal Party to get to the wedding venue.


Flowers everywhere, but to make sure that you have the right number of corsages to buttonholes, to bouquets; you can record all the details here. This of course can also provide as a order list for your florist.


This is personal choice, but it is a nice way to Thank your Bridal Party for making your special day so very special. Whether you elect for traditional gifts, bouquets of flowers (yes there is space in the Wedding Flowers tab!), or a symbolic gift for each of them, the choice is yours; and this tab will add it into your budget.

This should detail all the tabs and their contents within the wedding planning checklist, and it being all interlinked, you will find that you can plan your budget's accordingly.


Firstly, get yourself a wedding box. This can be a specialised box, as featured below, or an old shoe box or lever arch file; it needs to be something to store your research materials...

Some of the featured Wedding Memory Boxes do feature a wedding album, as well as a box. They all should be able to hold your Wedding Guest Book, and thus hold all your guests best wishes for your marriage.

Wedding Memory Boxes... for those with an artistic flair, you can create your own special box - an ideal gift too!


As soon as you can, start opening your eyes to the wedding world. You need to make a decision on the colors that you wish to have involved, the flowers you want, let alone a perfect venue, and then the guest list...

You will find that there are literally heaps of information out there, whether this is in any bridal magazines, or via the internet, you will soon be overcome.

Now is the time to look and decide on definites - whether it's a must have or definitely not!

This is where you will need to clip pages, store web pages, keep a notebook, detailing everything that you have seen. Where you can, store all items in your wedding memory box, especially if they are items you have considered.

All items you have finalised, the details will need to go into your Wedding Planning Checklist.

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