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A Free Wedding Photography Checklist

 Having a good wedding photography checklist will make sure that you have your "ever after" photos that you deserve. Here is what we are looking at:

  • Getting Started - the things you'll need
  • Wedding Photography Checklist - discussion points with your photographer
  • Alternative Photography

If you are considering scaling down the amount you are spending on photography, do take a moment to read my own wedding story, before making that final decision.

Wedding Photography Checklist: Getting started

 On to the practical side, you will need to discuss your wedding photography checklist with a number of people. I would suggest the following:

  • Photographer - so they are aware of your requirements
  • Both families - especially if there are estranged relationships, and how these are to be overcome
  • Your Best Man and Usher's - they will need to support the photographer(s) in getting people together, make sure they know who is who
  • Anyone that has approached your for particular photos that they want taking - it is not often that everyone is in their finest, so make the most of it

You may also wish to talk to those people that are usually camera shy. Advise them what photo's you'd like them to be in, relaying any potential problems or issues to your Photographer.

choosing a photographer

 How to choose the right photographer for your day? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Previous work - validate the photographer's previous work, do you like their style?
  • Offer a package that you wish to consider
  • Reasonable price to match your budget
  • You have met them and feel you can build a good rapport with them

Building a rapport with your Photographer will mean you both get the best out of your Wedding Day - fabulous photo's!

your wedding photography checklist

 Here are some of the key points I found useful in discussing with the photographer:

  1. Guests - How many guests you have going

  2. Before - Any particular photo's that you want before the ceremony

  3. During - Any particular photo's that you want during the ceremony

  4. Post - Any particular photo's that you want post the ceremony

  5. Group Photo's - Make sure you itemize your group shots, advising whom you'd like in each.

  6. Assists - Advise the photographer whom will be helping to sort the guests, e.g. traditionally the best man, but may be there are ushers also

  7. Special Guests - Do you have anyone with special needs, wheelchair users, those that are more infirm? - Your photographer (and the assistances) should know this to ensure that these people are captured.

  8. Children - Remember attention spans of small children will wander, so getting all shots done with them, before they are bored would be ideal

  9. Family Photo's - Think about the family shots that you want doing, and relay these to the photographer - remembering if there are any that you don't want too is also key

  10. Photography style - you may well have noted this by the photographer that you have booked to see, but consider the style of the photo's you want. Do you want them traditional, with movement in them, or are you looking for the more modern feel with wide angels, colour focused stylings; these are all things that should be discussed.

  11. Copyright - ask the question. Who owns the copyright, who can replicate the photo's, would this all have to be done through the studio?

  12. Prices - Ask for a breakdown of how the prices of packages are set.

  13. Presentation of Photo's - Will they provide an album for the photo's to be displayed in

  14. Restrictions - Are there restrictions to the number of shots to be taken

Plus any specific questions that your photographer will ask.

Remember - You may require to meet with the photographer on more than one occassion.

Wedding Photography Checklist: Alternative Photography

You may wish to have a different viewpoint on your photography and therefore you Wedding Photography Checklist will be different depending on what you elect to do. If you are completely driven by your wedding budget, dictating what you can spend, you may wish to consider these alternatives:

Get Your Guests to take the Pictures

You are able get 'party packs' of disposable cameras that you can put round on the tables for a sit down meal or dotted around the room for a buffet reception, requesting that people take wedding appropriate photo's.

Make sure you ask the Best Man, Maid of Honor, an Usher, or the Chief Bridesmaid to collect them all in for you.

Once developed you will probably open an insight into your wedding that you wouldn't necessarily have seen!

You can then display the best pictures in an Album of your Wedding Day; contacting friends with digital camera's who also took photo's will also assist with this.

student photographer

Perhaps a little bit of gamble, but this may well suit your budget.

Contact your local art college / university to see if they have a photography student that would be interested in Photographing your Wedding. Your wedding photography checklist, will need to be well defined by yourself, as potentially the student may never have photographed a wedding previously.

Meet with the Student, assess their work that they have achieved; in particular work completed to a defined brief. From here you can see their artistic interpretation of their work, and whether this would work with your Wedding.

You could well find that you have some unusual, but breathtaking photo's that will be truly unique.


This may well be a given for you, or come as part of your Photography package, in which case ensure that any specifics are combined into your wedding photography checklist. If it is not part of your package though, do consider having your day video'd professionally.

Similarly to your Photographer, make sure you are fully comfortable with the person taking the video. They will be there from the very moment (almost) that the Bride awakes, and will be following her round as she prepares for her day.

Where you wish for the Groom-to-be to be filmed as well, it may be wise to charge a Bridesmaid or Usher to ferry the Videographer between the two locations.

I truly treasure my DVD, but I have more than one reason to, as I tell you in my own wedding story.

scrapbooking your day

A wedding box

I have all my memorbilia stored in a Wedding Box, ready for putting together into my Wedding Scrapbook. Though finding the time is challenging, I have aim is to complete it by our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

 You may well choose to complete a scrapbook in addition to another source of memorbilia for your wedding.

You can collect and add much more than just photo's to your Wedding Scrapbook consider some or all of the following:

  • Your finalized Guest List
  • Your completed Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Sample Wedding Stationery that you considered, including the wording
  • Your Final choice of Wedding Stationery
  • Copy of all Speeches
  • Guest signature book (may need to keep this with your scrapbook, unless you remove the pages?)
  • All Cards and Gift Tags
  • Completed Thank You note list, where the appropriate gifts are included
  • Any Telegrams / Messages received

Combing all these elements together will truly give you a scrapbook to treasure and will help you relive your wonderful day.

my wedding photography checklist

Wedding Day ParentsMy Parent's on my wedding day

For me, 13 months after our marriage, I was stood back at the same church on a cloudy, blustery day. There were lots of similar faces surrounding me, but their expressions were of sadness.

We were after all saying our last farewells to my Mum. I was on an emotional roller-coaster, although we had been given some notice that this day would come, it was only 6 months, and that truly isn't long enough.

My gratitude for my wedding photo's came about as the days and weeks rolled by after this sad event, and I could see my Mum, looking her best, remembering how truly happy she was that day.

It took a few months for me to pluck up the courage to view my wedding video, but in a silent moment with the house to myself, I braved playing the disc again.

The tears channeled their well ridden silent tracks as I heard my Mum speak, I heard her laugh, the polite giggle reserved for when she didn't really understand a joke.

The joy in the pit of my stomach as I saw her smile across the room at me. Something that was unnoticed on the day, but was there very real in the DVD that we had made of the day, I had made her proud.

When we discussed the photography with our families, they had said that the package was extravagant, an awful lot of money for what?

As I sat there on my own, watching the events, clinging onto every shot of my Mum, I tell you now, I don't regret a single penny of the money that we spent.

What's more if I was to do it again, then I wouldn't change a thing.

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