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create your wedding checklist

Why do you need a wedding checklist?

Well as you have probably realized already there is much preparation to do and a checklist will ensure that everything is taken care of before your big day.

We do offer an excel workbook, which covers the items here.  However, you may wish to generate your own list.  That's fine too!  

Here we take at look the things you will likely need to cover:

So it doesn't matter if your wedding is to be a traditional affair, themed, or even if you are eloping.  Most things on this checklist will need to be thought about and arranged...

Father of the Groom at my own wedding.My now father-in-law, waiting for our arrival at the Church.

preparing for the big day

what color is that suit?

The colors for the wedding Ivory for the Bride.  

Black suits for the Groom and Groomsmen.

Antique Gold for the Bridesmaid's and Flower Girls.  

So 4 days before the wedding the last thing you want to see is that the Father of the Bride's suit is navy blue.  There is nothing wrong with Navy Blue... except when everyone else's is Black. 

One quick shopping trip later - father of the bride was in a black suit.

I suppose the first question here, is when do you start... the answer is now!  

There is nothing worse than being a stressed out bride, fretting over a detail that should have long been forgotten.  I promise you! 

So it doesn't matter if you have 18 months til your wedding day, or if you have set the date, and it is in the next 3 months.  You do have a lot to do.  

If organization isn't your strength, then you may prefer to download our Wedding Planning Checklist instead. 

  • To do listing - with due dates, ownership per item and budget information.
  • Wedding Guest List - Take a look at who you are inviting, decipher who is to get an All Day Invite, or an Evening Invite.  Are you wanting to invite children?  We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this.
  • Wedding Budget Calculator - Advice and guidance on the best ways to save for your Wedding.
  • Your Venue - This checklist covers the details for a civil ceremony, church, marriage abroad, Hotel Reception, Hall Reception, Food and Drinks, Cake Music and Entertainment.
  • Wedding Stationery - right from your Save the Date cards through to your 'Thank you' cards, everything is included.
  • Bridal Outfit - All your regalia, from your underwear, shoes to wedding jewelry and makeup.
  • Bridal Party outfits - depending on who make up your Wedding/Bridal party you can track the details for your Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Page Boys and Flower Girls.
  • Groom outfit - Groom, Best Man and any Ushers are deal with on the Groom Outfitting Checklist.
  • Wedding Photography Checklist - Finding the most suitable photography and videographer is important as they will record your special day.  This checklist will talk you through the types of situations ou may need to consider.
  • Transport - Transportation for all concerned, and to make sure that you don't leave anyone standing where they shouldn't be!
  • Flowers - Wedding's have a lot of flowers, whether you are using fresh or silk, you can track the particular's here.
  • Gifts - These are the gifts that the Bride and Groom present to certain members on their Wedding Day.
  • First Dance Wedding Song - selecting one of the most memorable tracks from your lives so far, will bring this special moment together for you.  If you want to make it that bit extra special, then organize a live band that can play your song. 

before the wedding checklists

We also have other free wedding checklist available which will help you manage events before the big day...

  • Bridal Shower - different from a Hen Party, potentially with the elder family relatives around, here is the opportunity for the wives within the family to impart their marital wisdom to the Bride-to-Be.
  • Hen Party - Time to let your hair down girlies!  Bride and Hens hit the spa, town, club? A chicklist to help you have fun and games on your "last night" of freedom!
  • Stag Do - Lads night out... usually it ends up as more than that!  No matter what the eve it is to entail, make sure you have everything planned.

roles and responsibilities

Time to get responsible!  Whether you are the Bride, Groom, Mother of either, Bridesmaid or Usher, you have been awarded an important part to play in the Bride and Groom's special day.

Make sure you know what is fully expected of you, and rehearse your role well.  Here are your individual checklists...

  • Mother of the Bride Duties - As well as a small pack of tissues, in some weddings yo'll be seen as the hostess; but know when to blend into the background, allowing the Bride to be Princess for the day.
  • Father of the Bride -  from giving your daughter away to making your speech, know what is expected of you.
  • Best Man - Have you got the rings?  Are they safe?  Are you a good time-keeper? You have to get the Groom to the church on time...
  • Usher - Know when to be where, you are the guides for the Guests, making sure the right seats are taken, the right people are in the right pictures.
  • Bridesmaid - You are here to support the Bride.  Be at her's and the Maid of Honor's beck and call.  If you can help, you will...
  • Maid of Honor - You are the Bride's right hand woman.  You need to know the ins and outs of the wedding, as if it were your own.  Be on hand to make sure that the Bride makes it to the church on time! 
  • Page Boys & Flower Girls - You might be the ring bearer, you may have to scatter flower petals.  Being good can be a challenge, especially when these characters are young.  So keep them occupied, you can find out how with this checklist.

after the wedding

After the presents have been opened, the Thank You notes written and sent, it can be a bit of an anti-climax.  

You will have the honeymoon to look forward to, right?

But then what?  It can take time to adjust to married life, even if you lived together before.  There is a different feeling about the fact that you are married.  Potentially you still have a few things left to do...

  • Name Change Checklist - one or both of you may well have changed their name.  This checklist will talk you through how to do it legally.
  • Change of Address Checklist - You ay well have waited to move in together, or have kept your marital home ready for when you enter as bride and groom.  Don't forget to tell people though that you have moved!

When you have finished with your Wedding Checklist, make sure you come back and let us know how it all went.  We'd love to hear from you! 

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