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Wedding budget calculator 

Using an effective wedding budget calculator gives you the control you need to deliver the wedding of your choice; well, one tailored to your budget!

So how do you go about setting this up? Here we will take a look at the following stages in calculating your budget.

Our Wedding Planning Checklist provides you with the options for you to manage your budget, element by element.

There is also a mechanism built in for you to compare the quotes that you have received. 

Once you've decided the appropriate supplier, indicate this choice and the spreadsheet should fill the rest in for you.


Knowing what you want in your Wedding Day is a good place to start. As there are vast differences between the different types of wedding from:

  • Destination Wedding
  • White Wedding
  • Civil Wedding
  • Themed
  • Religious Wedding
  • Military Wedding
  • Double / Mass Wedding
  • Elopement

Each of these has differing elements that you will need to consider for your wedding, you'll find our Wedding Planning Checklist will help you plan these out, and offer you the solution to manage the budget for your dream wedding successfully.

One key driver to use in your Wedding Budget calculator is to know how many people are to be catered for. Use our Wedding Guest List to pull together an idea of the numbers you are talking about.

The Guest List doesn't need to be finalised just yet, but you need a 'ballpark figure'; as there is little point setting a budget for 50 guests, when it's nearer 200!

Using the quote management side of this checklist, will mean once you know which of your 3 budgets you are going to have, you can then proceed in moving forwards building that final budget.


You have now established with the use of your wedding budget calculator, a figure. Your goal amount. This is for your dream wedding, your plan A.

Now for the crunch:

  • How are you going to pay for this?
  • What monies are you going to bring to the party?
  • Where is the difference going to come from?

Answering these questions will focus your mind on whether the two of you have been too ambitious or whether you should review your dates, or your itinerary.

When setting our wedding date we gave ourselves 14 months. When we were asked why not sooner, we replied that we just couldn't afford to bring the date forward.

=> open a joint account

Using your joint account for your savings, you then have shared access. All monies for the wedding should be placed in there, including...

  • Any cash gifts from your Engagement Do
  • Set up a Direct Debit from your regular salary
  • Any donated monies for your Wedding Fund

This is one way to share the commitment of saving for your wedding.

=> save your coins

My husband-to-be had a weakness for Fruit Machines. Counting the cash that would of gone into them, it was a sizeable amount of money.  I suggested saving this money instead.  

Over the year this came close to $600 which kitted out the Bridesmaid's and Page Boys!

Collecting loose change can be a most rewarding and easy way to save money for your Wedding. Instead of putting the coins into a china piggy bank, you can put it in clear bottles / jars, and you'll be able to physically see the savings your making. Here are some different ideas to get the money dropping into their containers:

  • Ceasing a vice, whether this chocolate, cappucino's, cigarettes or one arm bandits etc
  • Beach combing
  • Busking (make sure your legal!)
  • Reduce your biggest spending vice - shoes, clothes, handbags etc depositing the money instead
  • Emptying pockets / wallets at the end of the day
  • Regularly checking the sofa!

This money soon mounts up. You can use this to buy items directly for the Wedding, or routinuely deposit the cash into your joint account.

=> Additional part time work

My parents worked in their local public house whilst saving for their Wedding. Mom always advised it was like they were going out for the evening, but getting paid to do so!

Perhaps one of the easiest was to build the funds in your wedding budget calculator is to get part time work. There are a couple of things to consider:

  • Make sure your main job doesn't prevent you from obtaining additional work
  • Make sure you allow yourself time together, and time for you to eat
  • Finding a suitable second job can be difficult, but remember this is short term; not a career opportunity

Whether your second employment is cleaning, working in a Bar, catalogue deliveries, courier work, remember to get those monies paid straight to the joint account and into your Savings Fund.


If your tastes are way beyond your Wedding budget, and the feasibility of saving that much money is remote. Then you will need to potentially reconsider some of your options.

These steps may present you with an option to reduce your budget, you won't know until you've looked. Firstly pick out the highest costs on your budget:

  1. Can you itemise all of that cost?
  2. Are they quotes, or estimates on your part?
  3. Rank each item, Essential, Nice to have, Not Fussed; clearly the not fussed ones you could drop
  4. Consider, does everything have to be new? Check ebay, charity shops, you'll be surprised what turns up that is New there!
  5. If your intention was for the Groom to own his suite, could he not rent?
  6. Is your guest list up to date? Have you outstanding invites, where you are unsure if the invitee's are coming? Chase them, you need to know
  7. Is it possible to reduce the number of invites? What about Evening only invites?

If you have worked through all of these options, and the Wedding of your dreams still comes in over your Budget, then the only alternative is to talk about moving the date of the Wedding. It may be drastic, but it is the difference between having the Wedding of your dreams or not.

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