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Welcome to  The same team works behind the scenes at 

Clearly you are here as you are looking for some help with a Website that you either own, or one that you are looking to get started.  

Let me tell you a bit about how and why this could work for you...

I have recently assisted a friend with her Website.  

She told me what she wanted to achieve, and how frustrated she was that it wouldn't work.  

Try as she might, it just wasn't to be.

She used WordPress.  She had her theme set up and all should of been simple.  It was far from simple.  To get the right things set up to make the Website work better, she needed to upgrade the package, and potentially her hosting.  I really couldn't believe what I was seeing.  All I wanted to do was tell the search engines of her existence!  

The Web host that I use, SiteSell, charges once per month (or year).  With this, you have unlimited bandwidth, you can upload and use as many images as you want.  You get custom e-mail, within this package.  You can add code to the site, so you can incorporate PayPal buttons and items similar to this.  

Those are just the initial outlines.  When you delve into the package there is even more.  

Starting out with the Site Build It! package you are introduced to an Action Guide.   This is a step-by-step guide on how to build your site, what you should include and what you shouldn't.

Why trust me with your Website?

Why trust me?  Well I do work with SiteSell, so I know a lot about their product and the platform.  

I am honest, hardworking, and have an eye for detail.  In a nutshell, I want you to succeed!  I've found that working alongside different people and their Websites I get a look at the glamorous and not so glamorous lives, and subjects.  Some would turn my hair grey, and some are just great fun.  

I love to hear people's passion as they discuss their businesses and where they see themselves in the next few years.  If I can help to make that happen, then I think that is great.  

Now I'm not saying everyone's Website will be straightforward.  In fact if it is, that would be really bizarre!  But I will do what I can to make this successful for you.  I have no objection in reminding you to get a post out on Facebook, or Twitter, or to keep your site up-to-date with your new exhibitions or projects. 

What I would say, is let's meet.  Whether this be face to face, over telephone or Skype.  We can talk through your venture, and if the vibe is good, we will get everything working for you.

starting with SBI!

You do not have to have a Website administrator to use SBI! in fact if you review this, you may decide to give it a go for yourself...

However, if you believe that it isn't for you, it isn't something you wish to do, then by all means drop me a line and I can arrange to meet up with you.

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