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valentine ecard

Send a Valentine eCard today, and be a little different!

Here at we recognize that time can be a little tight. 

In a plight to get organized, you've forgotten to pick up a valentine's card!!  Argh!  Do not worry, we have your back, you can access our Valentine cards by clicking through to our shop here...

To use's affiliated card store, you will need to have an e-mail address and also know the e-mail address of your recipient.

Having tested this myself, I can confirm I was pleasantly surprised on the selection and speed of delivery for this. 

Especially as this card is FREE

My husband isn't the most romantic of souls, but in a test run using this eCard system, it was lovely to see a smile on his face and the little chuckle that followed. 

valentine ecard - being anonYmous

cautionary note :

It should go without saying...


...treat people as you'd like to be treated.

Cyber bullying, including e-mails is not cool.  Don't do it!

So yes, knowing someone's e-mail address is required to use this facility. 

How exactly do you go about being anonymous?

The best thought I can come up with for this, is to use an e-mail address unknown by your recipient.  This may even mean that you create a temporary e-mail.  

Even if you have been married years, you can surprised your partner by sending them the most beautiful valentine ecard. 

but I don't know their e-mail address...

Ah!  This may be a little be of a stumbling ground.  Consider the following...

  • How do you know the person, through work, school, home.
  • In that case, do you have a friend or colleague in common that you could ask for their e-mail address?
  • How about asking directly for the e-mail address?
  • Do you have a work/school directory that you can look up their address?

With luck you will retrieve the e-mail address and can send your valentine's.   If not, then you may be in a better position to post/give/send  an offline card, or even some flowers.

how do I know that they received it?

I really liked this part of the service.  

I got a confirmation of the ecard that I had sent.  I also received one when the person opened it.  

This was a more than a read receipt, as it had a link back to the card you sent.

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