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Valentine day flower delivery 

Getting a Valentine Day flower delivery is something very special. 

You may find it embarrassing, but the fact that someone has bothered to arrange these flowers for you, I think is truly magical. 

I remember many of the ladies at work receiving flowers around Valentine's day from their loved ones. 

There were even a few that had hidden admirers!  Now that was just plain exciting!!

Here we are taking a look at the best flowers for your loved one.

So which is the perfect way for your Valentine Day Flower delivery to happen...

Bouquet of white liliesThese beautiful lilies were delivered by hand.

valentine day flower delivery - by hand

Yellow and Pink roses for a vivid bouquetA hand delivered bouquet

There is something truly special about receiving flowers from your partner.  Especially when they are unexpected.

But having your loved one, not only choose your flowers, arrange them, and have them delivered by hand, well for me, I would burst into tears of happiness!!

So what do you need to do for a hand delivery...

  • Consider if you are making the bouquet yourself, or via a florist.
  • If yourself, make sure you have...
  1. Something to tie them with, ideal is floristry ribbon, although you could buy a vase.
  2. Plant food sachet.
  3. Sharp scissors to adjust the stems, if needed.
  4. Foliage
  5. Complimentary flower stems 
  6. Time to prepare the bouquet 
  7. Time to get it delivered!

  • Once you have your bouquet, make sure you have a card.
  • Write the message or clue or invitation.
  • Know the recipient whereabouts and deliver them when someone is at home or via their office.  (Be prepared to leaving the flowers on the doorstep, ringing the bell and running!)

The deed has been actioned, your Valentine has her flowers. 

I'd certainly have a smile on my face!

valentine day flower delivery - by post

My husband would find arranging a flower delivery daunting. 

How daunting? 

Overwhelming to the fact he doesn't do it.
His flowers for me, are always hand delivered.... and not just for Valentine's day!  But I know he doesn't like talking to people on a phone, and he has it in his head that he has to do this.

Now, here I've found Amazon have come to the rescue.  He can choose a bouquet and send it to me, without me even speakings to anyone.  What a result!  The small technical hitch?  He doesn't have an Amazon account.  Oh well, a girl can dream!!

But for you, things are different, you either have or have access to the Internet and an Amazon account.

By all means take a look at the flowers here that can be delivered...

valentine day flower delivery - keeping roses fresh

So did you buy the perfect 12 long stem roses?  To make that special gift last as long as possible then you should follow these guidelines...

  • Store the roses in a cool place... yes, if you can a refrigerator!  This is especially important if you cannot get them into water immediately.  If you don't have one accessible, consider the fact it's February and that is usually a cooler month of the year.  Perhaps storing them outside or in an alleyway (out of sight of course) would help preserve those stems.
  • You can put them straight into water - great!  But make sure that it is warm or tepid water.   The warm water is absorbed more quickly by the flowers and will help to preserve them.
  • Feed them!  Most roses these days come with a sachet of floral "food".  This is usually a liquid form.  Make sure that you add this before you add the stems.  "Neat" food on the stems can destroy the stems.
  • Look at each stem.  Make sure any excess foliage is removed.  This will be ones below the water line, or any broken parts.

So now you've prepped the vase, and you've gone over the stems to make sure all leaves and buds are in good shape.  Next steps it just plonk them in the vase, right?  Not quite....

  1. You may need to cut the stems to length.  So they do not get too heavy for the vase and pull it over.
  2. If you don't need to do this, then you should trim about 2.5cms (that is from the tip to your first thumb knuckle) off the bottom of each stem.
  3. Make sure the blade is sharp, so it's a clean cut.
  4. Arrange the flowers in the vase.
  5. Place your arrangement in a cool, dry place.  This should be out of direct sunlight or radiators.  Ideally you should move them at night to the coolest part of your house!

Now you have a beautiful arrangement.  To keep this going, re-do points 1-4 every day, two at most.  This way your Valentine Day flower delivery will last much, much longer.

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