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vacation checklist

Everything you need from a vacation checklist to go camping.

Fantastic your going on holiday!

Use our Vacation Checklist, to ensure that you arrive at your destination with everything you need for your type of holiday.

Slight variances can be found on the checklist depending on the type of vacation you are embarking on.

We are looking to cover the following types:

Having embarked on many types of vacations, I have stayed away camping, caravanning, away self-catering, in hotels and all inclusive.

Using the lists above, I have always enjoyed my vacations.  I've rarely found that I have forgotten anything.

packing for business trips

The trips that I found I struggled with most, were the business trips.

Especially, where you had to get air travel to your destination. You clamber down the airplane steps the familiar buzz of 'vacation fever' in the pit of your stomach.

You queue for your case, laptop already in hand. You step outside to grab a cab, and then you go to work.

I had to do this for a 6 month period. You do get used to it, but it still doesn't feel right!

Here are some of the more useful lists, I used around this time...

  • Packing for work
  • Routines to change at home
  • Contingency packing
  • Pets

first time vacation checklist

At 18 years old, I decided that my biggest priority was to find myself a successful career and move out of Mum & Dad's.

If I could have gone straight away, I would have done it! But I didn't want to relinquish the opportunity of holidays, and decided that I would get myself kitted out for camping holidays.

Having had most of our family holiday's in a trailer tent, I was quite familiar with the types of things that I would need. I did however write a list, and checked off all items as they were purchased or given to me by Mum & Dad.

This list has been split down and forms the basis of the Vacation Checklists that are here...

Relaxing and campingOne camping venture that I went on...

I had a small hatchback car, which could fit an amazing amount of stuff in it and I waited until the end of the camping season and went to the local shop to kit myself out.

family vacations

Family Vacation - our son on his first holiday

Our daughter's first holiday was to Wales, to visit her Great Granny.

Tim & I decided that we would head off straight after collecting me from work, and Tim, bless him insisted that he would pack the car, collect me and we would head off from there.

Fine, no worries, less for me to do.

All day, in between my work duties, I kept texting him to remind him of certain items that would be needed, and could he pack them; I think the nearer to 5pm it got, the more frustrated he was with me.

Well 5pm came, and Tim, Beth, Sooty the dog were all ready and waiting for us to embark on the 5 or 6 hour journey to Wales, traffic permitting.


UK Seaside fun with Punch and Judy.

When looking to take your family away, there are a number of things you need to consider. Here we're taking a look at the these things...

Family Vacation Spots

We had scheduled to have a stop as soon as we hit Cardiff, as in theory this would be dinner time, Beth having had her dinner on the move. So we arrive at one of the Services in Cardiff, and we get Beth out of the car.

I ask, "Where have you hidden the buggy?" "It's in the boot" he replies...

", it's not here!" .

Tim double checks... no buggy... oh! no; we are supposed to be here for 2 weeks, Beth is 16 months old, and Tim tells me that the highchair is with the buggy! Oops!

So OK, we didn't use a Vacation Checklist, and we really should have done... I just hope you have a little more success!

Here, you can find our more about our family vacations.

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