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travel packing list

Map, keys, and your items to pack.

What do you put on your travel packing list?

Do you travel light?

I know when you first learn to pack your case or bag you really do wonder how to pack the entire contents of your room into such a small space!

There are some tricks to doing this, and for me, I had to learn the hard way!

During my professional career, I was asked to support a client on a their own site. Great opportunity, and one that I seized with both hands. It did my career wonders, and on a personal level, I also learnt a lot, which I will endeavour to share with you here. The client I was to work with, was in Dublin, Ireland, which meant regular flights to and from Dublin to London Luton Airport (Bedfordshire, UK). 

I got quite used to the flights, turning up at the airport at 6am, sitting in seat 26c - yes this was MY seat (even though I could have sat anywhere), hey, I even got to know the stewards and stewardess’ on a first name term basis!

Living out of a suitcase is not much fun.

The continual packing and re-packing as you set off homeward or back to work. On the other hand, you re-discover your clothes when you finally do get home.  A perfect opportunity to sort out your wardrobe!

As with most details, it’s not just taking the right things away with you, but also getting them packed into your suitcase that can be a challenge, especially if you need more than just a bikini!

With our travel packing list, you should find that your packing can be a little more structured, especially if having to pack for more than just yourself.

travel packing list - shorter stays...

Perhaps our full packing list is a little bit too much?

After all your only going for the night, or a couple of nights at the most.

Well you can reduce the packing list.  There are a couple of things that you should consider now.

You will find more appropriate help with this shorter list...

  • Know your schedule - Finding out what you are intending to do will make things easier to pack.
Someone looking up their route in a map book.Researching your destination is always wise!
  1. So are you going out and about?  Or are you staying in?  Are you supposed to be venturing out on foot during the day to do a spot of hill walking or sight-seeing?  
  2. Don't forget your evening meal, are you heading out for a local dinner/dance?  You will need something suitable to wear.

If you are taking a loved one on a surprise weekend away, and you don’t wish for this to be ruined, do be kind and tell them the attire, that they will be most comfortable in!

  • Look at the Weather forecast - this might sound strange, but do check the weather for your destination (so many do it for at home, silly!). You may just find that adding a nice warm jumper or light cardigan could be packing for the wise.

All of this will help you pack a concise and accurate bag.  Determining this will make your packing a lot easier! 

As for the physical packing, a suitcase may well seem a little excessive, so for this smaller travel packing list, I would suggest something like a holdall or an overnight bag.

The same principles apply for a holdall as a suitcase, so do review our packing a suitcase for similar advice.

packing for kids

Have you managed to secure a babysitter for all night, meaning that you get a night off from being Mom & Dad?

Firstly congratulations!  You are doing better than we do!!

For us, these evenings are few and far between.  Such rare commodities should always be enjoyed.

Depending on the age of your children, will of depend on how you are going to deal with this. If your child is old enough to pack their own bag, ask them to do so, give them their travel packing list to follow if you like; but I’d still strongly advise to double check the bag...

For those that are younger, you’ll probably find that by adding the clothes to your diaper bag and they will virtually be good to go. So with the kids despatched, go on go... have fun!

So what are you waiting for use our Travel Packing List today!

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