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Keeping up with the toddler development stages, can be quite demanding.

If you then compare them to your own child, you can be left wondering...

  1. Should he really be doing that yet?
  2. I am sure she should be doing more by now...

It doesn't help comparing your children to those belonging to friends or in the same peer group.

For they can, in your opinion, seem much further forward or behind your own child.

This can then create doubt or questions in your mind; here we can help put your mind at rest...

Smiling toddlerMy Aidan aged 2.5 years old.

With our free guide, you can identify some of the areas of toddlerhood such as:

But perhaps we haven't quite got the answer you need?

Well take this opportunity to ask us directly via this website. You can either ask here or you can drop by our Facebook Page.

Either way we'll get back to you; in the mean time, take a look at these toddler development sections to see if your question can be answered...


Lunch with your toddlerHe's a kind hearted lad and will even share his lunch.

Planning meals, snacks and drinks for your toddler, can be soul destroying if they are going through their "picky" stage or refusing to eat.

It could just be that they aren't growing as much just now. So if they have an off day with their food, that's probably ok.

Take a look at what they have eaten over a few days, and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Here we are taking a look at the following steps...

Getting the balance right on your child's diet can be difficult, especially if you have bad habits yourself.

I know for me, a lactose intolerant coeliac, certain things don't come naturally to me, like having yoghurt or cheese in the house.

I do understand. But you wish for your child to have a far healthier lifestyle? Then for true success you need to lead by example...


Fresh Ingredients - try keeping to these rather than the processed foods.

You'll be amazed on the budget savings you can make this way too; though I can fully hear the cries of full time working Moms.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you, I promise; as I have been there too.

Regular Exercise - getting some sort of physical activity in each day.

Can you and the children walk to playgroup, your friends, the mall or when taking older siblings to school? Encourage your toddler to walk a distance, rather than rely on a buggy.

Getting a child used to doing a physical activity per day, will get them into a routine. Remember how well it worked for them as a baby? This will work for the rest of their lives...

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Remembering that toddler development is as unique to each child as their fingerprint, there are some common grounds.

Whether this be the delights of potty training, obtaining the "nursery" stutter, or finally nailing that unbroken nights sleep - these milestones will eventually be achieved by all:

It's worth remembering that any child will grow at their own pace.

If you truly believe there to be a problem with their progress, then you should seek the support of your healthcare professional.

With my own son, we had concerns about him gaining weight, he became quite a slight baby (above). When one week he lost weight rather than gained or stayed the same, we sought advice of a paediatrician.

He advised that he was perfectly healthy, however if I was happier to start to wean him to solid foods that would be the best cause of action... Well my son is in the photo's here, we haven't looked back!

Other such milestones that your toddler may encouter, could be:

  • A sibling !
  • Learning to share - acquiring social skills, sharing a room
  • Emotional development - overcoming shyness
  • Learning to be independent - a learning curve for Mom, Dad & Toddler!

As my Dad would say, the world of "No!" just got bigger for your toddler.

Possibly higher too! Especially if you are one to move precious or potentially harmful items out of reach.

Remember though: toddlers climb! and they are good at it!!!


Toddlers, (well all children) learn best when they are completing an activity.

The activity should be fun, engaging, and entertaining.

Stimulating a positive time and image will mean that they will engage in the activity.

Toddlers also relish in repetativeness, it's a learning tool they have at their hands.

So getting you to sing, dance, play with them, the same games repeatedly is therefore instilling the learning deep into their core.

Here we will look at:

  • Toddler Learning Activities
  • Toddler Birthday Party Games

There are lots of practical things that parents can do to help and encourage your toddler in playtime.

This will then help them complete tasks on the road to their independence such as doing up their own buttons, shoes, coats etc.


How exactly do you keep your cheeky, climbing, no fear toddler safe?

How do you overcome and get through the "Terrible Two's"?

Does your toddler need a schedule?

Take a look at the information here to see what we have done with our two children:

  • Toddler Safety Devices - doors, windows, items, what to keep an eye out for
  • Toddler Temper Tantrums - trying to avoid the 'meltdown'
  • Schedule for Toddlers - from meal times to playtimes

Managing behaviour is about how to teach your child what you expect of him.

It is setting the ground work for the future, when they will be expected to manage their own behaviour, for when you are not around.

It's amazing how many parents get to know a variation of the "naughty step" or "time out". Then there are those that struggle with managing these parenting tools successfully.

Establishing a routine for your toddler, being consistent in your approach, and rewarding good behaviour, will give you the best positive parenting techniques.

These tools will see you through the toddler development stages and onto pre-schoolers!

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