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teaching baby sign language

Teaching baby sign language, this doesn't just have to be for those children with hearing impairment.

Remember a baby learns to  control their hands and movement before their spoken language develops. 

With this checklist you will be helping Mum's and babies communicate earlier!

If you are researching jobs/careers that you can do with your children at home, then this is certainly an avenue you can explore. 

Remembering that there are different sign languages, as in the American Sign Language and the British Sign Language.  They are similar but there are cultural differences, that you would expect to see.

The biggest thing to remember when working with children, is to make this fun.

teaching baby sign language:  starting out

If you do not already use sign language, then I feel the best way to start this journey is to sign with your baby. 

Getting to know your child, learning the language together and practice, practice, practice.  

If you are not already a signer, then signing up to a class that teaches is a fun interactive way to start.  

Also watching video's on YouTube will help you see this journey.

British Sign Language courses are available, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how accessible they are.  Do take a look at the course here.

The sessions that I signed up with were being run by  It was a great way to meet like minded parents, and Elizabeth and I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 or 8 week course.

The best part, it was the first graduation certificate Elizabeth got, and while she was younger than most of the children in attendance; she was also the first to sign back.  Such a proud moment!

my personal journey

Baby signing

I remember a quite distinct day in my Junior school. 

When I was there, we learnt the alphabet, and a few general terms.  The alphabet at the very least has stayed with me for a very long time.  

I have felt it very useful.  So when I saw that there was baby signing, I wanted to go on this journey with my own children.

Since then I've had three children.  Baby signing was a big asset with my eldest child.  My other two children learnt a few signs, but interestingly, they could communicate with their siblings easier than with an adult. 

You can find out more about how my baby signing journey went with Elizabeth, here.