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Static Caravan Holiday

We chose a static caravan holiday. Why?

Well, I wanted to take this year's vacation in the UK. I wanted somewhere 'familiar'. We had our new baby (Victoria) in tow.

Suffering from "baby brain", I resorted to writing a checklist for our holiday. In particular, for the additional linens we will need.

So as I wrote the checklist, I find myself humming "Oh I do like to be beside the sea-side!"

Well who doesn't!

This year we headed back to Walton-on-the-Naze.  We had spent a week there last Summer, and had a thoroughly lovely time.

Walton-on-the-Naze local map

Static Caravan Holiday - The local area

early morning...

Aidan wasn't too impressed with the local "chicken"... aka the Cockerel. Our bleary eyed 3 year old, stumbled into our room early, asking us to "Shhh! that chicken".

Walton, is a lovely little seaside town on the East Coast of England.

There a plenty of local shops, a beautiful sandy beach with plenty of rock pools to discover and shells to find.

There is a lovely coastline to explore. For the kids they found it great digging up the pebbles and shells, making sandcastles. They had a whale of time when Nanny came to visit them too.

On a non-beach day, we found a nature trail to embark on. It's fascinating seeing the different plants that grow. Seeing the different birds, and for the kids to hear the seagulls.

As I sit here describing this too you, I can feel the warmth of the sun, the smell of the coastline, and hearing the seagulls overhead.

This beach is walking distance from the static caravan.Walton-on-the-naze Beach

Static Caravan Holiday - The Caravan

 We are fortunate to know the Rose family, who owned this caravan when we went.

They own a Caravan at Naze Marine Holiday Park, which they are able to lease out. Their beautiful caravan, is everything a family could want for and more.

It's spacious living quarters including a lounge and separate dining area, there is plenty of space if you want to stay in.  With a gas fire (and guard) available, television, DVD and stereo available, it truly is home from home.  There is one double bedroom, two twin rooms, and capacity for another double on a pull out bed in the lounge.

Just look for yourself...

 It's always clean, tidy and well presented. You need to bring your household linens with you, just to make your temporary lodgings 'home'. This checklist will make sure you do not miss anything vital caravan-linens.

The caravan is ideally located on the site. You are not too far from the entertainment centre, to carry your little ones home. On the other hand, your not on top of it either, so they won't be woken if you choose to stay in.

What does our family think to our static caravan holiday?

 Elizabeth & Aidan thoroughly enjoy going to the caravan. Exploring their rooms, and cannot wait to get their bucket and spades, and head to the beach!

The walk to the beach is all of 10 minutes, if that.

    "I love having the crab tickle my toe!"

Tim loves the quiet, countryside living. The amenities being so close, that you don't even have to drive into town. He has a long daily commute to work, so this is a key aspect for him.

The downside of this, well hardly a downside, but...

    "the fresh air really makes you sleep well!"

As for me, I love that my family can holiday together. We're safe, happy and having a great time.  Tucking my tired smiling babes into their beds, and wondering what adventures we're going to get up to tomorrow...

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