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Yearly Spring Cleaning Tips

There is nothing better than to get things pristine, than using the Spring cleaning tips.

If you do undertake these tasks in Spring, start the day by going outside and take a deep, deep breath and inhale the sweet freshness of a new day, in a new month, in a new year...


Well I grew up in the countryside, so there is nothing better than crisp spring morning, with a heavy due, and the scent on the air is the joy of things to come.  

It's a pensive sensation and for me, I find it spurs me from my winter slouth-dom into the more vigorous, high motivated, spring chicken...

Spring Cleaning Tips - why Spring?

Defining spring cleaning is a difficult one.  

There is nothing to say that this has to be done in "Spring Time". It can be done whenever you feel it is most appropriate.

Perhaps you're preparing for decorating? For Christmas, or for a newborn? Perhaps the room is having a change of use?

Let's start by getting prepared. Here is a list for the bare essentials you'll need for a successful spring clean...

  • Apron/Pinny
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Mops, Broom, Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bin Bags
  • Plenty of elbow grease!

You may also want to use some specialist cleaners or equipment. This will depend on the functionality of the room that you are cleaning and it's contents.

Whatever the reason it can be really quite liberating getting this done, and done right. The spring cleaning tips are here, for when it suits YOU, to embark on this journey and get everything sorted.


I find going through one room at a time is the most constructive.

I have recently, well ok it was today (November 11), cleaned the living room from top to bottom.

I think it verifies the usefulness of the spring cleaning tips, most adequately.

I won't lie, despite going through these cleaning checklists with true dedication... amazes me the amount of dust, fluff, and dog hair you can find.

Not to mention the kids toys that congregate in the depths of the corners of the room and those hard to reach areas!

Moving all the furniture, emptying the cupboards / shelves, and going through it all before putting back, can be exhilarating.

In fact very theraputic.

I do not know what inspired me to do this today, but we, as a family will now reap the benefit.

Maybe it was a good job that the paint brushes and rollers are far out of my reach... who knows where this would of ended!

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