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Siblings Sharing a Bedroom

Siblings sharing a bedroom can cause an issue for some or all families at some point.

This is something we are needing to address in our family.  We are in a three bedroom house, and now have three children...

Here we are going to look at the 

We can then move on to putting your plans into action!

Siblings Sharing a Bedroom - Planning stage

The thought process started for me when I was carrying my third baby (Victoria).  In the early days my thoughts were...

  • If it's another boy, that's OK.  Aidan will have just turned 3, there is not much of gap.  Beth will enjoy the smallest bedroom.
  • What if it's a girl?  That will be 7 years between them!  This might cause us problems!?

The thoughts went round and round in my head, until my 20 week scan.

The 20 week scan arrived.  We heard the words... "I cannot tell for sure, but I am 80% positive that this one is a girl".

Oh! well that was that then... we were going to have to re-think how we do had the bedrooms.

At this current time, the bedroom is split in two.  Each girl has their own side, their own wardrobes and their own playing area...

Beth's side of the room
Victoria's side of the room

In time, we are thinking of getting bunk beds for the girls.  But with the need for the cot and then the cotbed, this is our current arrangement.

Siblings Sharing a Bedroom - What a child needs

This is the checklist of my primary concerns when deciding how to fit these siblings into a sharing bedroom...

...These to me where the basic fundamentals.  The room also had to allow for Victoria to grow!

Sleeping Arrangement

This is a challenge.  For most people the immediate thought for siblings sharing a bedroom is 'bunk beds'.

In time, it's likely we could have bunk beds.  But for a baby this just doesn't work... back to the drawing board!


In your plan drawing, remember to mark out items such as...

  1. Windows
  2. Radiators - beds cannot be 'flush' to the wall.
  3. Doors
  4. Other 'fixed' items - e.g. Wardrobes

This will make your plan more complete.

As this would be a future move, we've currently 'parked' that idea.  For us, we needed a single bed and a cot (or cotbed) in the room.

Here I got the following together...

  1. Squared paper (2 sheets)
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. 4m Tape Measure

...and off to the girls room I went.  In here, I measured the area of the bedroom.  I then set about drawing a scaled plan of the bedroom on one page.

Next I went back and measured the bed and cotbed that we had.  (It would be great if I could use the furniture we already had!)

I draw scale drawings of these objects and the toy trunk.

Here is the fun bit... I got to plan out potential layouts for the girls.  

By moving the items I wanted to have in the room around, I soon found that something 'had' to give.  I couldn't have my nursing chair in the room as I had hoped.

I took several photos of the different designs and discussed them with Tim.  He was grateful that we were doing this virtually, and not physically!

With the plan set we were able to get on!

Storage for Clothes

My eldest daughter, to this day, is a nightmare for clothes.  I'm actually dreading the teenage years!  She actually has a three door wardrobe for her clothes.

In our planning stage though, something became very apparent.  The single door in her three door wardrobe was going to have to have some toys in it too.

At the time, she used clothing boxes, like these...

to store her undergarments or small clothes items in.  It became clear that these will need replacing.  (She also had a habit of using them as beds for her dolls, rather than house her knickers, socks, vests etc!).

With some careful measuring I was able to locate a set of plastic draws that would fit inside her wardrobe.  To this day, these drawers are in use...

I did also consider using these hanging shelves, pictured above.  The reason I didn't was due to the number of dressing up clothes that she had!  Being very full dresses (some with hoops), they took up a lot of room in her wardrobe, so she needed the 'hanging' space.

Storage for Toys

There are truly some lovely storage solutions for kids toys.  From the hanging net, to the traditional toy box.  For Elizabeth, we have utilized the space under her bed and the space available in her wardrobe.

When motivated she can have everything put away.  (It's just getting her motivated that is an issue!).

To make her storage a little different we have used these types of storage boxes / solutions...

But the choice is endless.  What's critical is that you get something that works for your child.

At the time of writing this, Victoria is 17 months old.  She is very different to Beth.  She does like things to be neat and tidy, and will help to tidy up.  As she is now a toddler, I've found the following a god-send...

Space to play

What's the point in storing all the toys away, if you have no where to play with them?  Each girl has an area at the end of their beds, nearest their toy storage, that will give them space to play.

Victoria's area is "soft and squishy" with lots of cuddly toys and her toy chest, above.

For Elizabeth, she is very much into her slyvanian families.  So she likes having a 'blank space' to turn into a school, or a home, or the beach etc.

The spaces work well for each individual child.


When we asked Elizabeth, we were given one directive... PINK!

Personally, a color I cannot stand.  But with two young girls, both Disney Princess mad, it had to be pink.

Accessorizing the girls room has been fun, and I've loved picking up the small nick-naks, including bunting, fairy lights, stick-a-rounds, and Victoria's latest addition - a wall mural!

Involving the girls (mainly Beth), has worked well.  No doubt we will adapt the design as Victoria grows, and Beth becomes a young lady.

Siblings Sharing a Bedroom - Summary

My advice is to involve the children concerned.  If like me, you have a big gap between the kids ages, then you may find "splitting" the room as we have done ideal.

As they grow, especially with our girls, we believe that bunk beds will offer a solution to them.  They will get more floor space, by doing this.  Though as they get older still, they may consider themselves "too old for bunks".

To coin the phrase my Dad uses... we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. :-)

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