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how to sell my house home property

Wanting to know how to sell my house home property? Selling can pose as many problems as it can for buying. They say it's currently a buyer's market, the pressure is therefore on the seller, to ensure that their home stands out from the crowd.

We are going to look at a few key areas here, and give further information on how to achieve these goals through the site:

Seems a lot, but preparing to sell your home, is the first step in getting that desired SALE.

So where to start? First thing, I've always done is to leave the house, if I can for a weekend. When I return, look at the house with a critical eye, get yourself a clipboard, paper and pencil, you will find it most useful.

Note down what is visually unappealing, this will form the start of your "Sell my house home property checklist".

sell my house home property - curb appeal

The quest for the best curb appeal is a tough one. So with your clipboard at the ready, take a look at the following areas:

  • Windows, Frames, and Cills - Are they clean, do they need a wash and repair?
  • Front door & Frame - Are all elements in good working order? There are no squeaks? Do your brass fittings need a polish? Could it do with a lick of paint?
  • Front garden - OK so maybe you don't have a garden, but any space at the front of the property, should be clear of rubbish, tended, with clear borders, it should look tidy and well kept.
  • Check the brickwork, roof and guttering - For the brickwork and roof, this is possibly just a visual check to make sure you have no cracks that you aren't aware of. There are no roof tiles missing are there? For the guttering, make sure its in good order, with no leaks, and that they are clear of debris.  Bear in mind you've not even crossed the threshold of the property yet... have you considered whether you are going to buy or rent your next home?

Hopefully you can see from just looking at the front of your property, you may well have quite a bit of work to do. What about the inside? We'll look at that in later pages, for now though, with initial items on your "Sell my house home property checklist" complete, you should be winning the curb appeal challenge.

sell my house home property - going that extra mile

Wanting to really stand out from the crowd, then look at spending what will be a small % of your asking price addressing some of the following:

  • Removing additional ornamental items that you will be taking with you - perhaps you have garden gnomes, or chinese lanterns. If they are not intrinsic to the whole ethos of your front garden, then pack them, and keep them safe for your new home
  • Do you have plants in the front? Do you know if you wish to take them with you? Ear mark the ones that you will be taking, perhaps where you can transfer them to pots; but make sure you don't leave gaping holes in your borders
  • Introduce bedding plants - whether these are in containers or in borders, whether you'd do this normally or not, introduction of colour into the front, will show that you are caring for your property.

Remember as the seller, you need to present your home in such a way that the buyer can easily visualize themselves living there.

If this isn't how you normally live, it will probably feel very strange - this is where you need the will power to continue, and not revert. It will be the difference between a positive answer to your question "sell my house home property" and a negative one.

sell my house home property -
through the keyhole

Now you have your curb appeal at it's very tip top best, it's time to turn your attentions to the inside of your home. Get that clipboard and pencil out again...



Remember the aim is to SELL your home, quickly and easily

De-cluttering your home to make it easier to sell my house home property, may sound obvious, and you may well put a few token gesture items away. It's not enough. You need to do a deep down de-clutter! Here are a few things to think about:

  • Go through each room systematically. Collect all the clutter you have together and sift it into three piles: Bin It! Charity Sell
  • With your de-cluttered items for sale, arrange a Garage Sale or Car Boot Sale; be reasonable, you really do not want to bring anything home.

Struggling with what is clutter? Check out our How To De-Clutter guides...

deep clean

With all the clutter out of your home, it's now time to take stock of what remains. You now need to get the place spotlessly clean. I am not inferring that you live in a dirty house, but it's the one time that you need to do all the cleaning checklists that we hold! For easy reference, here you go:

Is it all glimmering and bright? Yay! If however you've found some areas that could really benefit from re-decorating, choose neutral colours. We'll talk more about that though in staging your home...


I always view this as the fun stuff, but then I like trying new things! For yourself though this might be your worst nightmare. Firstly you need to look at your colour scheme through your house, it is proven that homes in neutral colours will sell quicker than those that have been more personalised.

With your clipboard in hand, look at your home and how you use it, here are a few high-level tips for staging your home:

  • Room functions - Do you have more than 2 reception rooms, then your buyer would be looking more for a lounge and dining room, rather than a downstairs bedroom, or art studio - present your home in a traditional manner.
  • Decor - I've touched on this slightly, but here you'll find further information on neutralizing personal tastes to appeal to widest possible audience; you never know how is going to buy your home!
  • Furniture arrangements - A few decorative elements pulled together can make a rather unloved house feel like a home. Presenting a home to your buyer, will make them feel more comfortable.

You are now all set! Time to get those buyers in... I wonder if a second buyer will walk through the door, before you have a sale offer?

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