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school holiday dates

Knowing the school holiday dates, allows you to plan the year ahead.  I'm all for being prepared, but it allows me to schedule the following things...

  • Children's activities such as camp
  • Our Summer Holiday
  • Christmas plans
  • Childcare needs

If you don't have children, your perhaps wondering why you need to know these dates?  

Well having a cursory knowledge of when the term times are means you can avoid the school holidays for things such as your vacation.

school holiday dates - main holidays

I count the main school holidays as the ones where there is more than a week off.  

Typically they fall around Easter, Christmas and Summer. 


The Easter holidays tend to be placed towards the end of March.  

For 2018, it is...

March 30, 2018


The Summer holidays always start towards the end of July. 

For 2018, it is...

July 23, 2018


The Christmas holidays tend to fall around mid-December.  

For 2018, it is...

December 19, 2018

school holiday dates - half terms

The main holidays tend to fall in seasons, but they would be very long terms without a break.  So the school system here breaks these terms down a little further.  This changes from 3 terms into 6.

The breaks are usually a week in length, and fall anywhere between 6-8 weeks after the start date of term. 

The half term breaks are...

  • February - usually mid-February.
  • May - the end of May, when there is a bank holiday often has a half term too!
  • October - This is usually the last full week of October.

For this year, please see this table...

February 10 to 18

May 26 to June 3

October 20 to 28

The schools will always confirm the current year's holiday.  Sometimes they are good enough to give you the main holiday dates for the coming Academic year.  

However, you can certainly look these up by contacting your local education authority.  They may well have the details on their Website.

teacher training days

Each school gets the option to use 5 days for Teacher's Training.

When these first came about, as Teacher's training days, the school would elect any particular date within the term.  This played havoc with arranging childcare.  Since those early days, the Teacher's Training days tend to be added to the beginning or end of one of the holiday periods.

As these are to be decided by the local school, I cannot tell you when they will be.

You should contact the school or visit their Website.

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