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Prague with low-cost airline

by Monica Gannon
(Milton Keynes)

Tips on packing for carry-on luggage would be great!

In this instance, we are going to a wedding near Prague in May, so on this occasion we need the bite the bullet and pay for a suitcase in the hold. A smart suit and dress shoes need to be packed, plus dress/shoes/handbag/hat, which we couldn't cram into carry-on luggage.

For lightening the weight in cases, when doing a cabin luggage only trips, we wear our trainers (needed for all the walking we do), and stuff our pockets with as much as we can (Kindle, phone, charger, purse, hairbrush). Save sample sized bathroom products for travel.


Hi Monica!

How lovely to head off to Prague! I'm quite envious.

First thing I would say, is check with the airline for the carry-on luggage. You may be surprised on the size of the case you can get away with.

This sort of information is usually available on Airlines Terms and Conditions.

Wearing your heavier items

As for packing your case you are doing the wisest thing by wearing your 'heavier' garments such as trainers.

Trainers, and Sightseeing Jackets, warmer jumpers (just in case!) will all help with reducing the amount of creases you put into your clothes.

Taking Suits & Hats abroad

You may want to consider putting Suit Jackets in suitable bags as hand luggage. You could also consider this for your hat. You could place this in a hatbox for safety, (especially true if fragile). But that is when it's important to check the Airline's size requirements. Hatboxes can be rather big.

Garment care and Case Packing

For my best advice on packing your suitcase, please see this page. It includes all my
best tips, especially how 'rolling' your clothes can save you additional creases at your destination.

This should help with the smart suit, and dress.

Remember to pack your case as if it was being picked up and carried. This way you will make sure that your dress shoes are placed at the true bottom of the case. They will not then add to creasing your garments. Should your handbag for the day, be a bigger size, remember you can pack into it and also try to place at the bottom of the case. As packing it will make it heavier.

Packing a suitcase, the art of rolling...

I hope you have a fantastic time at the Wedding, and enjoy all Prague has to offer.

All the best

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