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Our 25th wedding anniversary

by Angela
(Sydney, Australia)

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in August.

We started planning in May. Here's what we did:

thought about the theme and chose "The 80s are back",

came up with the list of guests,

booked the venue - a dance studio - the 80s are about disco and dancing

organised the music tracks on a laptop

ordered our anniversary beer at a DIY brewery. The DIY is not exactly DIY: you select the beer (we chose a variation of Stella Artois), receive the recipe list, measure the ingredients and then watch the staff how they do the whole work: kick start the brewing process, pour the beer into containers and put it in store to age for a month or two.

ordered our personalised beer labels

ordered the cake

enjoyed the party, which was really great.

The memories are great and everyone appreciated our limited edition beer!

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