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October - Time for the Cooking to begin

by Jenny

Christmas Cake - Soaking the fruits

Christmas Cake - Soaking the fruits

Here we can look at choosing Christmas recipes, looking at the December schedule, and pencilling in the Christmas run present drops!

And don't forget it's time to make your Christmas Cake. Yummy!

Plenty of fun for all!

In the kitchen...

Christmas Cake
I always remember October in Secondary school, as it was the month for Christmas Cakes. The smells omitting from their kitchens really reminded you that Christmas is just round the corner.

I therefore tend to start with my Christmas Cake in half term week, and I do this by soaking my fruit for the week.

Once you have your chosen recipe, weigh out the fruit ingredients into a bowl and add the tipple of your choice. Being a coeliac, I personally use rum (see above image).

If you are struggling to find a lovely traditional recipe then I would recommend this one, from The First Time Cook.

You keep "feeding" this mixture with a little of your tipple at a time, until you are ready to make that cake! Yum!!

Christmas Pudding
Another firm family favourite. For a traditional recipe you need to have some time to steam these puddings...

...some time being 6 hours!

As your Christmas kitchen will be very busy on the day, this is definitely one to make in advance.

Make pastry
Keeping a batch of pastry in the freezer is great for whipping up some jam tarts or mince pies through the festive season.

I like adding jam tarts for their colours, and mince pies for their taste!

They are also great dishes that the children enjoy to make - get them involved, they'll love it.

Other foods
Other foods that you may wish to make and then freeze...

  • Sausage rolls

  • Scones

  • Pumpkin pies

  • Mince tarts

  • Quiche

I'm sure there are many more. What do you do in your kitchen to prepare for Christmas, we'd love to hear from you...

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