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A newborn baby checklist will help whether you are preparing for your first or subsequent baby.

As your child grows of course their needs change!

Keeping yourself organised and just that bit ahead of your baby's growth and development, will ensure that you are prepared for all those small things that your little one will encounter.

I hope you'll re-visit us to see what can help you remain organised, keeping your little one safe and helping you to have loads of fun with them!

However with the baby on the way, maybe you are the Mom-to-be, the "organised one," or you are a helpful and supportive partner/carer, just looking for extra information to ensure that all is ready.

Now I'm not going to suggest you have forgotten anything, but may be a different view point, will mean you'll consider things differently. Have a look at these checklists that are for new babies:

Please bear in mind this is just a guide, people have been having babies for generations and not all of them have had the option or benefits of some of these items!


Newborn babies soon grow up and benefit from different checklists.My youngest daughter, Victoria.

With frightening speed you'll find that you baby grows and grows.

You'll wake up one morning and notice how long they have got, perhaps growing out of their moses basket, or even their crib!

As you change through the clothes and the toys deciding on whether your keeping them or sending them on to new homes, you'll find the need for more checklists.

Here are some of the next stage checklists that I find most useful, especially when those babies start moving around!

Just don't forget, that by the time your planning for your second, third or more babies, you can get complacent.

I found by returning back to the beginning, to where it all began with your first baby, reminded me of those little things that perhaps weren't quite as I'd of liked!

I know when I re-looked at my newborn baby checklist for my second baby, I was convinced that I didn't really need it.

Well if I had stuck to my guns, then my poor little boy would have grown up with lots of pink baby grows, and a Moses basket that had to be on the floor because the stand had broken in our move!

Even if I say so myself, I am pleased that I kept and re-used the Newborn Baby Checklist.

One question remains for us currently... we go for a third... hmm

Side Note   Since writing this page originally, a third baby arrived.  Our Victoria.  So she is not left out, I have edited the page to include her picture.  With the other two children in the house, I confess to being grateful for writing out these checklists, as it made getting ready for her arrival a lot easier!


With my daughter, (her 20 week scan is at the top), I found that I felt very un-nerved by how much stuff this little being would be needing.

Some of these things seemed a little extreme or over the top.

I found myself beginning to worry that I hadn't got one of everything that was available at our local Mum's & Baby store!

Putting this into perspective, my own parents said to me:

  • Have you got something for it to wear?
  • Somewhere for it to sleep?
  • How are you going to feed it?
  • What are you doing about it's bum!!?

Their advice was simple, if I had the above catered for, then that is the majority of things needed!

Well I don't know about you, but do you always take what Mum & Dad states as the whole truth and never question it? Or are you like me and would like to make their own mistakes... if any!

(You've made me smile, are you currently nodding at what your reading!)

Here was my original checklist that I put together, it contained for me, everything that I thought I would need, crossed off what I already had, and then ranked the remaining items.

I hope the final results do assist you, remember to use this Newborn Baby checklist with my Baby Shower checklist, making sure the gaps or the "really want" items are clearly marked. You may be lucky enough to gain everything on your list!

Oh! and one more thing, Congratulations on becoming a parent, it is the most rewarding past-time in the world!

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