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NEW HOME BUYING - overwhelmed?

What do we mean by new home buying? Well there are two instances that spring to my mind:

Buying a new home that is new to you (potentially second or subsequent hand)

Buying a home that is brand new

In either situation there is lots of information that you will need to consider. Here we are going to take a look at breaking down this information, gathering it together, and forming that all important decision.

Are you a First Time Buyer and wondering what this all means for you? Perhaps you are evaluating the renting vs buying a home question? Take a look at our First Time Buyer home moving checklist information for additional insight.


I never thought I would have a brand new home, never in a million years. However I am here, writing this website from my new home. Buying the house for myself and my family, it was lovely to think that we were the very first people ever to live here!

As the population around globe is ever increasing, the requirement for new build homes is also in demand. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, which we will take a look at.

So what type of new build home you are after:

  • Purchase direct from a developer
  • Build your own home
  • Buying a new build "off the shelf"

Unsure what these are, lets take a little deeper look... 


I'm sure you've seen the buildings, you can get to view a showroom, example home. Depending on whether the ground has been broken as yet, you may well be able to influence some of the choices that are to be made. Further information can be found here.


Perhaps for the more ambitious, but have you ever had that dream of your ideal home? This is your chance and opportunity to explore this option. From selecting the ideal piece of land, to getting through planning permission, to seeing your home constructed. There is so much that you can truly get your teeth into. Further information can be found here.


Perhaps you've come to thinking of a brand new home, as you've seen some in the results from your property searches. The house is built, all the fixtures and fittings are in, the only thing that is missing is your family. Further information can be found here.

Once you have identified which new build buyer you are, click on the further information to obtain further insight into this type of property.


You may well find that looking at the New Build properties doesn't tickle your fancy. Perhaps you long for a home filled with period features, as it matches your home making style.

I know I would just jump at the chance of a Georgian Manor House; it is however a dream, that I hope one day to realise!

With the house hunt ahead of you, lets just run through some checklists to ensure that you know what you are looking for:

  • Home Buying Checklist - Determine what surroundings need to be near your home. Do you need shops, school, doctor's surgery? Check out the best way to validate your chosen house's surrounding areas.
  • Home Buying Inspection Checklist - Whittling down your shortlist of houses can be difficult, this checklist will help you make a practical decision. Your heart will determine whether you'll listen to it or not
  • First Time Buyer - review these pages to see how to cope as a first time buyer.

These checklists will let you evaluate the area, as well as the home that you are looking for. Still unsure which new home buying is most appropriate for you? Then lets look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of these.


New build

In this exercise lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a brand new home.

This list is by no means exclusive, however, it may start you off on the right foot to evaluating which type of home you'd rather buy...


It's new, it smells new, it's clean and crisp

Being difficult to locate can also have it's advantages - it will allow you to have your home straight, before you get lots of visitors!

Efficient to run - you'll find the general running costs of a new home, more favourable. You already have the superior insulation etc, as they requirements against building regulations has increased.

Landscaped gardens

There are no hidden surprises with the building, for instance when winter comes. You are also protected by a guarantee.


You may have to wait to paint the property up to 6 months

Identification of your address for services, can take a while for example: Your address may not appear on satnav's, you could have trouble getting your post, the pizza delivery guy may not be able to find you!

Some new builds only have select services available to them, so you may not have Gas for instance. Check out the services to the property before you buy, as it could influence the fixtures and fittings you are to obtain.

If you don't know the lands previous use, you may find that plants dwindle, as their roots cannot get through to the main soil. Bear in mind most top soil will have been stripped away, and replaced once the house is built.

Quality of the build - the building regulations are the minimum standard required to pass as a livable home. The integrity of the builder or services provided to the property can determine the buildings true quality.

You can carry on with this list, specific to the homes that you have looked at. You may also find that bringing through the information you have found on location, distance to work or relatives, into this advantage and disadvantage list, will allow you to look at the specific situation for you.

existing build

Now let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing home.

Again this is not an exclusive list, but should set you on the right track to finding a home you are most happy with:


You can see others interpretation of how to utilise the space in this house, it may even provide you with ideas you hadn't thought of.

Taking on an established garden - you'll find new things constantly out about your garden as you watch it grow through your first year.

Your address is established, and identifiable with all services.

Home efficiencies - here in the UK, you will have had an indication as to how efficient your new home is. You may wish to save money, and try to increase the efficiencies.


Decor - property may well need complete gutting to achieve your vision

If this is your first garden, you may well feel like you've been thrown in at the deep end. Keep the grass cut, the edges neat, and you can learn about the garden, as the seasons develop.

Previous owners - you will no doubt be visited by the junk mail fairy, for yourself and for them. You may also get more disturbing calls, mail or visitors; intended for your home's previous owner.

As the year rolls round, you may find that your new home, isn't warm in the winter; you may find there are more running repairs that will be needed, depending on the age of the property.

If you are at all daunted by viewing homes, then do take someone with you. Relying on the estate agent or the vendor to show you the home, does have it's benefits, but remember they are trying to sell you this home.

Having a third parties' perspective, who isn't emotionally attached to the decision, can and will give you assistance with your new home buying decision.