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A new baby checklist to help you identify your priorities, research the prices, and produce your wishlist... atleast the pregnancy hormones can't get the better of you then!

Pulling together a specific checklist will give you all the products that are available in the open market place that you desire.

Why use our checklist?

  • It's interactive
  • Helps you to prioritize what you want
  • Allows you to record your research for the best deals
  • Formatted to produce a printable checklist

You can then distribute this list to friends and family, should they wish to help you prepare for baby.



Remember to go through the items you've already been given, updating the list as you go. This is especially relevant if this is your second (+) child!

Firstly, download the New Baby Checklist. Now let me walk you through the columns that are available:

The first two columns of the new baby checklist, determine a broad category and then a specific item within that category.

There is a filter on these columns to enable you to shorten the category that you wish to look for, and give you complete control.

The next 4 columns in the new baby checklist are for you to enter data in, should you so wish. Firstly, you will probably be aware of 1 or 2 major stores / websites that sell the baby items you are going to require.

These 4 columns allow you to select your preferred supplier, and compare them accordingly.

So update the Retailer name to the ones you choose, enter the prices and then with the filter, you have a consolidated shopping list.

The Status column has a list behind this for you to select each item's status.

Therefore if you don't believe the item necessary you can click "Not necessary", but if you would like it, but can't justify the cost for instance, then you can use "Wish List".

The filter will then allow you to provide a list of what you want to the person organising your Baby Shower....

I hope you get all your Wish List items.

FYI: there is a Comments column for anything you need to add or state to your New Baby Checklist e.g. Need 2 of these!


Well where did this all start for me?

To be honest 2005, having come home from honeymoon and discovering that in fact there was 3 of us at the alter (oops, sorry Mum), and having spent lots of money on the wedding, how were we going to afford a baby!

I hear you, should of thought of that a few weeks ago, but you know, these things DO happen!

I remember the day we told people that I was expecting, (it was the 25th September!), and the day we were given two cot beds!

Between the two cot beds, we were informed there should be enough non damaged pieces to make one cot, and eventually the conversion to a bed.

I was blown away, it was a little bit early for me to think of getting bits and pieces.... surely?

I was also very fortunate in that my sister had just had her second son (my God-son), who would be 14 months old by the time our baby was due; she told me that we could have all the baby stuff that she no longer needed, as her family was complete with two (adorable!) sons. Excellent!

We found that people's generosity was overwhelming.

But I was loosing track, what had I got? Did I physically have it yet? Was it still to come? What was I to buy new?

Then there were other people wanting to know what I needed...! It was turmoil.. ARGH! (There was also the nag about would I have to move house too - eek!)

Checking the web at home, I could find lots of lists but they didn't seem quite what I was looking for.

Some of these items I didn't even know what they were, so I decided to check out my local mother and baby store.

My jaw hit the floor! The price! Ouch! We'd just paid for a wedding!

So, having had a good look round, checking out each section of the store, I reeled my jaw in, I believe I purchased out of good will a multi-pack of bibs and headed home to the computer to start my New Baby Checklist.

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