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moving checklist planner - the how to's...

The Moving Checklist Planner, has evolved from the moves that I have made over more recent years.

Keeping things to schedule can be a nightmare at the best of times, but add moving home into the equation and you can end up with a real headache. Well that's how I found it!

My first move was simple enough, as I didn't have a lot of stuff!! I don't think I even had a sofa, so the biggest piece of furniture was a single bed, and the heaviest was the Washing Machine (well it's not my fault that they have a bag of cement in them is it!!!)

The last move we undertook was in 2008. Did I dread this? Oh! yes, moving with a 2 and half year old is no picnic, let me tell you. Children somehow collect the most awesome amount of stuff! I mean just look at trying to take a baby away from home for a few days, I believe it would almost be easier to maneuver troops into battle!

There are few elements in these checklist's to help you overcome some of the headaches I experienced. You have a few things that you have to decide, and I don't just mean the destination of where you are going!

For the details used on this Moving Checklist Planner, I have made the assumption that your current home has been sold. You haven't necessarily had the moving date, but you are working towards this. However, even if your home hasn't sold yet, from experience, the earlier you start to de-clutter and pack the easier it is in the long run; so do take a look at the checklist...


The Moving Checklist Planner is sorted by Start / Due by date, which you can over type to put a date relevant to you. I have populated this with pure suggestions.

Of course you can filter this, to pick out where you are in the process, but I would suggest that the first thing you do, is go through, line by line, to filter out any actions that are not relevant for you.

You will see in the "Complete?" column that you have options to select: To Do, Completed, or Not Necessary. Once you have selected these you can then filter out or delete the lines for those that are no longer relevant.

I tend to find it inspiring to keep up-to-date on the moving checklist planner, as you can see the "To Do's" diminishing, creating a sense of achievement and the feeling that you are in control.

The Packing Log is for you to print.

I strongly urge printing, attaching them to a clipboard, and placing them with the boxes that you are going to be putting your items into. It is your record of what is in each box, where you want each box to go, and perhaps more importantly, you then label the box with the correlating number, and new room location.

my memories

Our most recent move was probably the most hectic. Not only did we have Elizabeth who was two and half, I also wasn't able to have the time off work on the actual day that we were to move - I did however have the week following off (some holiday eh!).

Departing my home in Milton Keynes that morning was a very strange feeling. I had after all lived there 11 years, and had taken it from a repossession, a little unloved house, and made it into a home, a family home at that! I still miss my friends that were within walking distance, and whilst we do catch up and see them from time to time, it's no-where near as often as it used to be.

However the move to a new county, new town, happened with the assistance of my mother and father-in-law, and for this I am eternally grateful.

Despite having wonderful ideas, and using both of the above moving checklist planner's, arrival of our boxes didn't quite go to plan that day.

This was for no other reason that we had no floor coverings in the house, as I wasn't permitted to get it fitted before we had exchanged contracts; and we had exchanged and completed in the same day!

So keeping upstairs as sparse as we could, we left a pathway through the lounge to the back door, and the rest of the space, everywhere, was filled with boxes!

With the flooring laid though, it didn't take long to get the boxes into their right places and unpacked. The picture shows both Beth and Tim, sat on our stairs, a day or two after we moved in. We treated it as a really big adventure; after all moving house is just that!

And don't forget to tell everyone that you have moved!

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