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Moving 400 miles with an incontinent cat!

by Sophie

We were so excited with me moving from Yorkshire to the North of Scotland. I had everyting planned to perfection. The removal men arrived on Monday morning and cleared the house. The cats were shut in the empty spare room with a litter tray as they were coming with us in the car.

An army of my friends and I, cleaned and scrubbed the house until it shone. Infact it looked so good I nearly asked the removal men to put everything back so I could move in!

We stayed with friends over night and woke early to begin our 8 hour journey north.

Biding tearful goodbyes, we made our last stop at our old house to pick up the cats in their basket. They had been on a fast since the night before, however I was a little disturbed to see that the litter tray hadn't been used. ooeer!

Well we'd barely gone 2 miles before the horrific stench of cat poo filtered from the boot. I stopped and cleared it up as best I could and we set off again. Only 398 miles to go with the kids complaining about the smell.

Well 5 stops later to see to the cat we were half way there, and the thought of another 4 hours in the car was dreadful.

However we crossed the Scottish border, windows wide open singing 'We'll take the high road'. Needless to say we haven't moved since!

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