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The best checklist for your Mother of the Bride duties can be found here!

No matter whether you are the Mother of the Bride or the Bride wanting a list of duties for Mom; consider these sections:

  • For the Bride, Groom or Co-ordinator
  • For the Mother of the Bride
  • Before the Day
  • On the Day

One thing to remember though, talk to each other!


Keeping an accurate schedule will keep the Wedding on track. Assigning tasks to individuals, will share the workload and identify those tasks for the Mother of the Bride duties.

With the Bride and Groom's lists in front of you now, consider if you would like assistance with any of them. For instance:

  • Coming to all dress fittings
  • Meeting the photographer, videographer, make-up artist, florist, in fact anyone where you'd like Mom's opinion
  • Help choose invites, decorations, venue

Make sure that both the Bride and Groom are happy with the involvement; then check that Mom is happy to be that involved. It isn't for everyone...

I remember listing out all the 'jobs', looking at my diary, circling our intended date, and thinking "oh my!". Picking up the phone to Mum, was one of my biggest comforts, her advice invaluable, her support - priceless

As the big day draws near as Mother of the bride, no doubt you'll be considering a number of things, which is where we can help...


Have you been given a list of jobs to do or assist with on the wedding of your child?

Perhaps you'd like to be of help, but you haven't yet been approached?

Talk to the Bride and Groom. Offer your help, guidance and support, if it is required - try not to be offended if it isn't needed.

Have you given any thought, to the following mother of the bride duties:

  • Mother of the Bride etiquette - all the things you should "just know".
  • Your Mother of the Bride Outfit - not forgetting your hat!
  • Mother of the Bride Speech - For some Mom's it's a given, but for others, this can be the most daunting request

Your Mother of the Bride duties don't just end there of course, there are other duties that you'll have before the day, as well as those on the day itself.


Having taken on board what you will be wearing and some of the things you'll do, there are also these to consider:

1.  Attend

  • Bridal Shower, where invited
  • Hen Party, where invited
  • Rehearsal events

2.  Assist the with plans

  • Be RVSP Contact
  • Provide list of friends of the family for consideration in the guest list
  • Liaise with Groom's family for the guest list

3.  Assist in choosing the Bride's and Bridesmaid's dresses

  • Attend dress fittings
  • Be honest, but not cutting
  • Liaise with the Maid (Matron) of Honor to ensure the Bride all her Somethings

4.  Family Traditions

  • Ethnic traditions
  • Heirlooms
  • Provide advice but don't enforce family traditions - they are not for everyone

There may well be other things that the Bride and Groom will seek your assistance on. Just knowing your there to help, can be a great comfort.


The big day has arrived. You may well have been host to your daughter the night before her wedding, your duties start...

1.  Up with the lark

  • Ensure that breakfast is had by all, especially the Bride
  • Receiving photographer, videographer, make-up artist into your home
  • Receiving of any flowers, gifts, cards or telegrams - the latter should be passed to the Best Man
  • Try to make the morning as stress free as possible

2.  Getting Ready

  • Assisting any Bridesmaids with their dresses and make overs - if they are young, a quiet, non-messy activity would be ideal
  • Assisting the Maid of Honor with their hair, make-up and gown as required
  • Getting yourself ready
  • Being on hand to get your daughter ready

3.  Facilitator

  • Organise the required persons for pre-wedding photos
  • Co-ordinate uses of hair dresser and make-up artist
  • Co-ordinate getting the right people to their transports to the Wedding
  • Accompanying the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor to the Wedding Ceremony

4.  At the Ceremony

  • Final moment with your Daughter
  • Give your Daughter away
  • Walking down the aisle, whether accompanied or not
  • Take part in any of the required photo's

5.  At the Reception

  • Stand and greet guests in the Receiving Line
  • Sit on the head table or Parent Table at the Reception
  • Dance with the Father of the Bride during formal first-dance sequence
  • Dance with the Groom during formal first-dance sequence
  • Assist with any dress 'issues' throughout the day

The remainder of the Reception may well be free for you to enjoy with your friends and relatives.

Your Daughter and Son-In-Law may well have requested further assistance from you; for instance over-seeing the cutting and distribution of the cake!


You like many others, may well rely on your Mom. Remember that your Mom is a wonderful lady, but not necessarily Wonder Woman! Ask for her help and assistance, tell her about your Wedding plans; others will expect her to know!

For all those researching their Mother of the Bride duties, remember to talk to the Bride and Groom. Tell them what you can offer in ways of support. This can be a stressful journey for your daughter, but being the exception mother of the bride that you are; you'll take it all in your stride.


I look back at my own Wedding Day with delight, of course. But the element of sadness tinges these memories, as my own Mum died just after our first Wedding Anniversary.

To this day, looking back at the photo's can bring an over-whelming flood of emotion. I take joy in the fact that the day went well, she looked fabulous, and what seemed to be an extravagance on photography and videography, now provides me with comfort.

I can no longer hug my Mum, or ask her advice, but at times hearing her voice is priceless, and timeless.

Time has meandered on and though my Mum met my daughter, she never met my son. At least for them, they will be able to see their Grandma, looking her best, and being herself; as on that day, she really shone.

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