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labor bag checklist - essentials

Lets hope you have been sensible and you are looking for a Labor Bag Checklist approximately 2 to 3 weeks before your due date!

If you are currently in labor, this may need to be quick...

I think we'll opt for safety, and assume that you are looking at this prior to the event.

So what to include in the Labor Bag Checklist?

Well you need to consider your own needs, those of your Baby, and also anyone that you have in support of you, either the father or birthing partner.

A few other things to consider before the nitty gritty of packing...

  • Cross reference your list from the Midwife, Birthing Center, or Health Care Provider - this will provide specific information for your hospital
  • Food - Does the mother have a dietary need, is this being met by the hospital? Will she need her own provisions? It's worth checking...
  • Charged items - hospitals don't always permit the use of mobile phones in hospital, so either make sure you have a well charged phone; you have coinage; or that you have your power lead if it is permitted! But check before you go...

Now for the low down on the Labor Bag Checklist, to start with download this file; and here are the instructions for use.

I have tried to make this as interactive as possible for you, to ensure that you don't loose or worse forget anything.

It is a similar format to the new baby checklist which may by now, be a more familiar style for you.

Typically I felt that these are items you are going to want to choose for yourself.

You may already have them, you just need to collate together, therefore I haven't amalgamated them for use of the wish-list.

Of course, you may be a little more laid back than me, and don't mind, so the option to generate a wish-list just for your labor bag items is yours.

Should you like an amalgamation of both checklists, please do contact me and I will produce this for you.


The first two columns of the labor bag checklist, determine a broad category and then a specific item within that category. There is a filter on these columns to enable you to shorten the category that you wish to look for, and give you complete control.

The next 4 columns in the labor bag checklist are for you to enter data in, should you so wish. Firstly, you will probably be aware of 1 or 2 major stores / websites that sell the baby items you are going to require. These 4 columns allow you to select your preferred supplier, and compare them accordingly. So update the Retailer name to the ones you choose, enter the prices and then with the filter, you have a consolidated shopping list.

The Status column has a list behind this for you to select each item's status. Therefore if you don't believe the item necessary you can click "Not necessary", but if you would like it, but can't justify the cost for instance, then you can use "Wish List". The filter will then allow you to provide a list of what you want to the person organising your Baby Shower.... I hope you get all your Wish List items.

Finally, there is a Comments column for anything you need to add or state e.g. just in case!

Labor Bag Checklist 

Please Note: For Mac users, you may receive an error message, however the full checklist will be displayed and remains interactive for you.

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