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Daily Household Cleaning Tips

Well, I'm sat here thinking about writing the daily household cleaning tips, and considering to myself, who would be looking for these?

house cleaning tips - do the dishwasher as you go!

Maybe someone like me, who thinks of house cleaning with crossed mop(s)? Let me think, I'd rather, clip my toe nails, or watch paint dry, rather than scrub down the bath... is this true of you too? If so, you are not alone!

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and discover some daily household cleaning tips that will help you get your chores out of the way so that you can enjoy the rest of the day!

[Groan - it's like reading what my mother used to say!]

OK, ok, I know!  But look at it the other way, I'm only advising you of what should be done, not telling you to do it!  And if you don't do it... well I certainly can't ground you, can I?  So it comes down to that phrase - "You're letting yourself down, you know!"  Yes, I hate that one too, but unfortunately there is a slight element of truth there...

So how do the household cleaning tips become more habit than suggestion? Well in short - you keep on top of it, and do it regularly. If you allow things to build up, the temptation will be to put them off and you will put it off, and off, and off... You've gone for coffee now, haven't you? - COME BACK! You get my point...

So to assist you with your Daily household cleaning tips consider and act upon these few points:

  • Incoming Post - you probably have mail most days, don't you? So open it all, yes Bills included, then look at them and make a decision - if you need to act, then act; or if the items are for reference only, then put them in a tray (or a particular place), for you to file whilst watching the TV in the evening, perhaps IF on the other hand it is junk mail and can be recycled, then do so; but put it straight in that recycle bin!

  • Cleaning as you go - My pet peeve! Dishwashers full of clean stuff, and dirty dishes to be washed all over the kitchen. Grrr. So change your routine... Dishwasher goes on, once complete empty it and put the stuff away where it belongs. Then as you use / dirty your items, put them straight into the Dishwasher? If they don't fit, because the dishwasher is full - then PUT IT ON!

    For those of you that don't have a dishwasher, the same principle works for the kitchen sink... Get the washing up done, don't stack dirty plates in a bowl full of water, unless you are going to wash them! Wash up after every meal, or as you go (Yes it can be done !), and it will never be a problem.

  • Dusting - How many pet peeve's are you allowed? Well this is my number 2! I hate it! Remember the saying "If you are going to do a job, do it properly"? Do not flit with a duster around any ornaments, or books or other items. Lift them off, dust them properly, put them back - there is nothing worse than seeing it half done!

  • Pet fur and real / laminate flooring - this combination can result in clumps of hair, if left. When you spot it pick it up - however best practice is to just have a little sweep round once a day; hey presto - no fur on the floor.

Completing the household cleaning tips, whilst running a family and trying to build a business, is no mean feat. I will not lie to you, but in trying to tackle a few things each day, and sharing the load among the family, should at least make for a happy, healthy household.

Note to Mum's the world over:

It is important, that you do teach your children your tricks of the trade! As one day they will be in their own homes, and it is important that they know one end of the vaccum cleaner from the sons included!

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