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House Cleaning checklist

Using a house cleaning checklist won't make keeping house easy...

It will keep it focused, it will make it manageable, and it will mean you can distribute the chores amongst all who live there!

It has to be said, keeping house is no easy picnic, and the size of your property doesn't make it any easier either!

After all it doesn't matter whether you have a 1 bedroom dorm room, or an 8 bedroom Manor house, use the following checklists to get the chores done...

House Cleaning ChecklistCleaning Tools

routine cleaning checklists:

The idea is to limit the amount of time that you are spending completing these mundane chores, thus maximizing the time you have for fun; all guilt free!!!

what are your cleaning challenges?

However I do enjoy the benefits of having a clean and tidy house, (good job you can't see beyond this web-page at the moment!!!) and therefore am here to share my tricks on how I usually keep house!

Please don't think that I am one of those people that adores cleaning, it is in fact, quite the opposite!

For me, I started compiling a house cleaning checklist, when I first got my own home, back in 1998, but unlike my Mum I didn't want to spend Saturday cleaning!

So I put together a list of all the jobs for my one-bed maisonette and assigned each a day of the week, I was quite lucky, I could fit it all in, in 4 days! Whoopee 3 days no cleaning!

However, due to the re-homing of a slightly mad Cocker Spaniel, by the name of Sooty, I needed a house, and so I moved.

I gained an extra room, and yup, you guessed it the routine had to spread into 5 days!

These days, I am in a slightly bigger home again and I have a husband and children to help make it all messy....

...Shame it's still me that tidies it all up; but a little bit done each day means, more time with them, and that, as they say is what life is about!

house cleaning checklist - making time

I often remember my Mum cleaning, for she always liked a clean and tidy home.

It was always a "home", and if things were a little out of place, they didn't stick out like a sore thumb!

To my knowledge she never used a house cleaning checklist, and I am sure she would be intrigued by this website.

She used the her 'cleaning time' to systematically work through the house from top to bottom.

As we got older, Mum returned to work, and of course the routines had to change.

As a small child, I often remember her spending the morning doing the chores she had for the day. During this time, I had my own play time. We broke up and had lunch together while watching the News. The best part? The afternoon's. This was when my Mum's time was ALL mine, fantastic!

Up to when she was too ill to clean anymore, Mum always cleaned on a Saturday morning.

She'd go through the house with a fine tooth comb and by midday she was tired, but it meant that the afternoon was hers.

Always remember the good times, they are what you need to make you smile.

sharing chores

Are you having trouble managing the house cleaning checklist?

Perhaps you feel the best solution for you would be to enlist some help.

After all are you the only one that lives in the house? Are you actually out of the house more than your in it? Yet everyone else expects YOU to keep it clean and tidy?

Well of course you can ask for help!

Aid for the house cleaning checklist can come in a couple of sources. Seriously! Am not lying, and one of them shouldn't cost you a bean!

  • Cleaning Planner - divide the house cleaning checklists amongst all residents, whatever their ages or abilities! It should atleast focus everyone's attention, and can be done as a rota, if required.
  • Chore Chart for kids - kids in the house? I'll guarantee they contribute to the mess! Here's some tactics on how to teach them to look after their environment.

Even my 6 year old helps. She has a few chores that she can do daily, that contribute to a happier household. Not just keeping her room tidy, as that is expected from everyone, but chores such as...

  1. Milk bottles - collecting from the doorstep and putting out the empties
  2. Caring/Grooming pets
  3. Getting the cutlery for dinner
  4. Helping her younger siblings

These are things that will get her started in. As with all lessons that you teach your children, learning to contribute will mean it's less of a shock for them when they do leave home!

hired help

Of course, this may be all well and good, but the likelihood of this succeeding could be remote. I can offer you a solution here too.

This will involve you being a little organized, and you will, unfortunately, need to put your hand in your pocket...

  • Hiring A Cleaning Lady
  • House Cleaning Services

I do wish you every success with enlisting this help, and perhaps you'd come back and tell us how you got on? We'd love to hear from you...

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