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Which home moving checklist do you need? This will truly depend on your situation, so are you...


Taking the first steps onto one of the biggest purchases of your life is nerve wracking! The key to stop your nerves getting the better of you is to be organised. Know what you want. Be firm with Estate Agents. Make notes, and get yourself into the best possible position.

The housing market these days, especially here in the UK, is labelled a buyers market. It's now time to draw up your shortlist, these set of home moving checklists should help you get started:

  • Home Buying Checklist - Providing further information and links to our home buying checklist
  • Home Buying Inspection Checklist - Whether your completing your second visits, or are looking for guidance to the mortgagability of the property, further advise can be found here.
  • Arranging a mortgage - Do you go to a broker? Would you like to discuss with someone independent? Have a look at our advice and guidance
  • Preparing to move out - A checklist of all the things you are likely to need

Self conscious of making notes in other people's homes? Keep your home moving checklist in the car, discreetly filling it in, after you've been shown round; especially useful when being shown round by the current homeowner.

As with any project you'll ever embark on, make sure you do your homework on the area you want to live in, the type of accommodation, and the practical side of living "there".


There is no harm in that at all! Especially if you are considering moving to an area completely new to you, or you know that the move is "long-term temporary" such as going to college or university:

  • Renting vs Buying a home - this will talk you through the questions around Renting your home.
  • Renting a room - What do you need to look out for?

Keeping things practical, will make your study easier. You may find that Mum and Dad are a little 'twitchy' about you going out into the big wide world. Invite them to, I'm sure they'd love to come and see where you're going to be.


Once you know where you are heading, and you have the finance and agreements in place, then comes the time to look at yourself and your belongings!

  • Packing - what to do with your stuff! Make sure it arrives at your new home safely.
  • Moving day - your own Home Moving Checklist - This excel spreadsheet will allow you to stay on top of your move.
  • Change of Address - Don't forget to tell everyone that you now have your own pad!
  • House Warming Party - One special event! Whether this is meeting your new neighbours or for your friends and family, there is nothing better than a house warming party to let everyone know where you are.
  • Home Safety Checklist - Make sure you new home always remains safe whether your out for the evening or away on your annual vacation.

Now you are in, you've told the world, you can sit back and relax. Should you get stuck with the household chores though, you can always come back to visit us!


I've had 6 homes in my lifetime, 3 in residence with my parents, one lodging with my uncle and I am now in the third home of my own.

I don't really remember the first 2 homes with my Mum and Dad, they were such a long time ago, and I consider my family home to always be Caesars Road, in Wheathampstead.

We lived over the road from a play park, had great fun in the garden, and were never far from any of my grandparents, who for most of my time there resided in the same village.

I went to the Church of England school there and was fortunate enough to be both Christened and Married in the same church, but as I grew up, I longed for my own home.

At the tender age of 20, I needed to find my own feet, my own space, and I was delighted when my Uncle advised that I could lodge with him.

He himself, was hardly ever there, which meant I virtually had the house to myself, I just had to remember that it wasn't mine!!

I was unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, which meant I could no longer stay, as I would be without a car and unable to attend work staying with my Uncle. I therefore moved back home. Eek! It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do, and I remember promising my Mum that it wouldn't be for long.

Needless to say it wasn't! In fact things all changed the weekend Princess Diana died in France; I was staying away with my Grandparents, at another Uncle's house (I have a fair few of them!), during the day I had been speaking to both my Uncle Steve and Claire regarding my current job, and that I so wanted to get a home of my own.

Claire told me of the jobs that they had going at her work, that they were currently recruiting, and although she couldn't promise anything, if I could get my CV to her by return, she would at least give it her boss for review. Things were going to be tight, as Steve & Claire were heading off on holiday on the Tuesday, so the CV had to arrive with them Monday!

At the time, I had no computer, let alone email or even internet access; postal service to the rescue!

Claire received the CV, I got selected for interview and was successful in securing a position. I lodged with Steve and Claire initially, but soon found my first home, and started to write my very first Home Moving Checklist. My maisonette was awesome, but it needed everything, including a cooker!

So for a life's ambition to be 21 years old and own my own home, I was 21 and a half! I stayed at Wadesmill Lane for a just over 18 months, it would have been a lot longer, however due to the rescue of a rather pathetic Cocker Spaniel, pictured here, I needed a house and it must have a garden!

So my hunt began...

what's your story?

Are you a First Time Buyer? How did it go? Do you have any pearls of wisdom to pass along to the next first timer?

If your a more seasoned mover, tell us your secret! I'm dreading the day I have to move from our current home... what would make this easier? Should you wish to share your story, you can do so below...

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