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Home First Aid Kit - Let's Keep It Together!

 Having a good home first aid kit, will make sure that you have something for every eventuality. For most people, a packet of plasters, may well be the only item in their kit, however a good homemade first aid kit should contain more than that!

If you do have a full kit, review the contents against the refills listing to make sure you are up-to-date.

There are other extremes of people, where they not only have a home first aid kit, but they also have a few medicines in their bedside table, in their bathroom cabinet, in their handbag; basically all over.

Keeping medicines safe, out of the reach from children and pets, would be the best practice. If needs be a lockable box would be favourite.

Similarly definition of an emergency, you need to know where to go to get your whole kit, not having to retrieve elements from a number of places.

Home First Aid Kit - Medicine cupboards

An ideal home safety store for your kit, is something along the lines of your bathroom cabinet. All medication, whether prescription, over the counter or herbal should be stored:

  1. As per the manufacturer recommends - this may be chilled or in the dark
  2. Out of reach of children - even if none reside with you
  3. Retained in date sequence - especially where more than one packet is available

If you are struggling to fit everything into your home safety store, then there are some things that you can do. Firstly go through and validate that all items are in date, you may find that the commercial first aid kits checklist can offer you some assistance there.

When you have done that, you need to responsibly dispose of the old items.

I personally would recommend that you discuss with your local dispensing pharmacy, as they may well be able to take these back from you for safe disposal.

Hopefully all will fit in your cabinet by now.

However should this still not be the case, then I can advise on purchasing a cheap plastic toolbox from your local DIY store.

The feature you are looking for in this toolbox, is size, capacity, and whether there is room for a lock. Yes, you've guessed it, purchase as padlock to put on the box.

Make a note and remember where you have stored the key! I found this worked well for my days as a Brownie First Aider, and as the key was about my person all the time, the lock never posed me a problem, as I am aware it will for some.

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