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Home Buying Checklist - Save Your Memory!

 Whether you are buying your first or subsequent home, it is a big deal.

This home buying checklist, will help you focus on the details that you want of a house, compared to what is on the market. There is also a log to permit you to make a 'clinical' assessment, before you've event visited the property!

In truth I used these only in my last move, but there was a lot more to consider with that move, as I will explain.

It was definitely moving home rather house, and I don't know how I would have achieved it without my home buying checklist.

my moving history

 The first move into my own place, I was leaving lodgings with my Aunt and Uncle, and collecting the final pieces of bedroom furniture from my Mum and Dad's; logistics were key here, not so much the need for my home buying checklist.

I remember the feeling so well, utter elation that the one bedroom maisonette was mine. My own front door keys. My own front door! Somewhere for my sister to come and stay!

Analysing that move, there was only these requirements:

  •     There needed to be room for me
  •     A car parking space
  •     It needed to be close to work

I succeeded on all three. In fact, Milton Keynes in the UK is a bit of a minefield if your not used to it's traffic grid system, I therefore had to learn my journey to work parrot fashion: left, left, right, straight over, straight over, right, left (into work's car park). You know that was 1997, and I remember that as clear as day!

Moving from Wadesmill Lane, some 18 months later, again was actually quite a simple move and I don't remember having to use my home buying checklist.

I had obtained Sooty, my cocker spaniel, and in a nutshell, he needed his own garden. A thought then occurred to me, well whilst I was moving, might as well make the property a little bigger too!

So I sought a two-bedroom house, with a garden. This was really quite simple, no garden, no visit! Very soon the Estate Agents got to grips that I wouldn't view a house without a garden!

With Estate Agents, know what you want, especially what is most important to you. If you don't find your new home after 20 viewings, re-check your list for compromises.

The move went smoothly, and I was soon established into Huckleberry Close.

moving with a family

 My little family of Sooty and myself, expanded more than just a little bit.

First, my now husband Tim, moved in, and just about the right number of months after our wedding, we welcomed our daughter, Elizabeth into our home.

My very own little family; something I never thought I'd have.

There we stayed, for a short while, enjoying the benefits of the garden, but we were getting cramped in the actual house. It was after all only a two-up, two-down type house, and bought not with a family in mind, but just for myself and the dog.

It was quite clear as Beth's 2nd birthday approached, that we were going to need to move.

Oh my God! How much stuff had been accumulated in those few years. The boxes, upon boxes of stuff! Using my moving checklist planner to full effect, I packed and packed every waking moment.

But where are we going?

viewing house with children

Taking children to view houses can be boring for them.

If you can't get a babysitter that could help.  If you have no choice, I would recommend...

  • pack a lunch, 
  • snacks
  • some colouring
  • even buy a small toy that is to be retained in the car. 

I found these all help quell our daughter's boredom, and made her want to view more!

 That was a very good question. I had been round many an Estate Agent, signed up to all online agencies, but there was a lot more to consider now. My short list, wasn't so short:

  • Minimum 2 Large Bedrooms, but ideally 3
  • Garden
  • Room for the car
  • Room for a dining table
  • Ideally a downstairs toilet

Then there were the other things that had to be considered:

  • Must be within walking distance of a good school
  • Must be within walking distance of a general grocery shop
  • Must be within walking distance of a chemist or have option to deliver
  • Must be within walking distance of a Doctor's surgery
  • Ideally in walking distance of a vets

In fact, the whole process had become a lot more complicated and I found myself creating these home buying checklists.

All of these were important to one or other of my little family, as my husband was now off work, needing to be close to a chemist and Doctor's was key, a school (nursery, infant and juniors) as my daughter would need those in the not too distant future.

That really is a lot to consider about a house.

Now I don't know about you, but looking round homes, yes I make my mind up in about the first 10 seconds. However I didn't want to fall in love with a house that was miles from anything, and therefore we couldn't have it for practicality reasons!

So I put together this Home Buying Checklist. On this, I did all the research about each house that made it through the first set of criteria. If they passed the first set, and then fulfilled most of the second; we would go and view it!

This also made it possible to view a few specific houses in one day, which was nice, as children easily get bored when looking round homes! Something that I soon came to realise.

at the property

It may well be that you prefer to be discreet about your opinions on a house, especially if you are being shown around by the vendor. However it is a good idea to captured those feelings as soon as you can after you've walked round.

I found that using something similar to this home buying checklist (for visits) meant that I could write "Yuck!" or "love it" and why. I would note things, that would stick in my mind, so I could visit the home in my head later, such as "the walls are WHITE, the carpet is WHITE, the sofa is WHITE, and they want me to move in with a TWO year old!" or "love the pond, with the lilies, safety hazard with children?"

I hope you can see the benefit of the home buying checklist and of course that you find these of benefit to yourselves.

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