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Holidays for family

Wales - stepping stones over the riverWales - stepping stones over the river

Our Holidays for family are precious.  With the children going up we endeavor to make the time 'off the grid', and head out into nature.  Here we are looking at the ventures we have out and about, and the lists that I've used to make sure that we have a great time.

holidays for family - past...

We have had some amazing holiday's since Tim and I became three.  They haven't all been plain sailing, but they have been fun and full of adventure!

We have a few favourite haunts, which we would highly recommend, we have also had times where the funds haven't meant that we can go away.  When this happens, we have a few checklists that we've put together to make sure the holidays are fun, fun, fun!


I absolutely love Wales.  If I could pick up my house, family and friends, I would gladly move it to Wales.  My own family holidays were often in Wales, and I am sure that is where my fondness for the country stems. 

Our recent travels have taken us to the following places...

  • Haverfordwest
  • Pembrokeshire Coast
  • Ruthin

My own family holidays took us more round North Wales...

  • Snowdownia
  • Mr. Williams Farm
  • Anglesey

Having discussed with Tim, we have decided that we will venture to North Wales and see what treasures are still around. 


We have enjoyed a few holidays in and around the English countryside.  There are some beautiful sights to see and we are longing to explore more and more.  Here are the places that we have been in recent years...

There are so many places to visit around the UK, so here is a checklist of the few things that we like to make sure are available for us...

holidays for family - our checklist

  • Castle - we all love a good castle
  • Stately Home
  • Special events
  • Sailing
  • Beach
  • Forest
  • Lake
  • River
  • Place of outstanding natural beauty
  • Activities, such as a zoo or wildlife park
  • Trekking
  • Ponies
  • Local retail therapy, including a supermarket

These are the main types of activities that we look for when we are choosing where to go on holiday.  There are other factors that you may well need to consider, take a look at our Family Vacation Spots to identify these.

Holidays for family - further a field

Sleeping Beauty's Castle by nightSleeping Beauty's Castle

When the opportunity presented, we did it, we took our family over to EuroDisney! 

With an absolutely awesome time had by all, we are saving to return.

I took this photo on our second evening. 

We went to EuroDisney in May.  We had lovely weather, and as the sunset we were walking down the boulevard.  I managed to get this captured.

The trip was organized for my eldest daughter's birthday.  She had always wanted to go to Disney and be a Princess there. 

I found out that EuroDisney host a "Princess for the day".  

Finding out more about this event, was when we decided we would make this happen.  With that I talked to the EuroStar office to find out about Premium seats.  We were lucky to fit our family of 5, and then to top it all, I was able to book us into the Disneyland Hotel.

So to find out more about our ventures around EuroDisney, do take a look at our page here.

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