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halloween party ideas

A smoking pumpkinSmoking pumpkin

Halloween party ideas needed? Not sure where to start? Then lets get your spooky halloween party working a treat, no tricks...

So what are you like to need?

How long do you need to plan this? That all depends on what you want to do for your party, but I would suggest that you start to think about this a good 6 weeks before Halloween!

halloween party ideas: party admin

As with most good parties there is an element of organization that is needed. A Halloween Party is no exception!

As for me, I find spending time planning, makes for a successful halloween party! Ideas on which checklists you will need to use, then take a look at these:

First thing to work through is your guest list and whether you are hosting an adult or child's Halloween Party!

other things to consider...

halloween reminder!

Allow time for your RSVP's!

Your Venue - Although you may already know where you are having your party, you will need to consider the venue. You may be weighing up hiring a venue vs hosting your party at home, you'll need to consider these types of things...

  • Access - including parking
  • Neighbors - having a party at home can be noisy!
  • Cost

With your numbers worked out you can then look at whether you are going to be doing food, what music or entertainment you want, or whether you want to jump straight into party games.

halloween party ideas: decorations!

!safety reminder!

Silhouette of firefightersFire safety is important

Obviously fires are dangerous.  Add...

  • nylon costumes
  • tissue papered decorations
  • crepe paper decorations
  • small excited children could be a recipe for disaster.  Make sure you teach your children the hazards of fire and what to do should they see a fire.

Not everyone has the most suitable creepy looking house, with the creaky gate or a cemetery just outside their door! But using your best halloween decoration ideas, will enhance your Halloween party.

Decorate the front of your venue - you may wish to consider some or all of these...

  • Tombstones - with funny, or topical names can make the atmosphere light humoured
  • Mannequin - skeleton, witch, mummy or all of them!
  • Jack-o-lanterns - don't forget you can use the insides to make your favorite pies!
Interior pumpkin and witches pictures

Once your guests come inside, don't let your interior decorations let the side down! Some of the decorations you can consider are...

  • Using Jack-o-lanterns - remember safety with fire, if you are having candles inside them.
  • Orange and black tinsel
  • Homemade cobwebs
  • Church candles - remember to be safe!
  • Making decorations from salt dough - let your imagination run truly wild!

The list is endless, just if you do have a spare coffin lying around, make sure that it's not lockable!

halloween party ideas: costumes

Baby halloween pumpkin costumeMy daughter on her first halloween

Of all the best halloween party ideas, it has to be the fancy dress competition!

You can let your guests imaginations run truly wild. So before your airing cupboard is ransacked for all your white sheets, what other easy halloween costumes are out there...

Costumes - whether they are homemade or purchased for you, they add and create so much of your atmosphere that something is a must... even if it's just face paint!

Fancy Dress Competitions - what do you need to do to run one?

  • What is the theme?
  • State if the costumes are to be home made.
  • Can two people enter for the competition?
  • Make sure your judges are unbiased!
  • If its a children's competition is there an age range?
  • Make sure the judges meet the competitors early in the party, so there is less likelihood of costumes being damaged.

A reward for the winner is also a nice gesture, but be prepared that you may have joint winners!

halloween party ideas: games

record the party...

Not only to take and use your camera or video camera, but...

  1. Clear the memory card 
  2. Have spare batteries or power cable

Whether the kids are 5 and under or 21 plus, there is always a good bit of fun to be had with some classic party games...

Party Games -

  • Apple Bobbing
  • Finding the sweet in the flour (of course no hands!)
  • Eating Carrots hanging from a line (again no hands!) Make it messy, use Doughnuts!

These can be particularly messy, so you may want to make sure that any fancy dress competitions are finished first!

If you are particularly house proud, you may wish for these games outside!

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