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First Dance Wedding Song - have you chosen yours?

 Have you chosen your first dance wedding song yet? For some couples, this is as easy as putting shoes on, for others, their first dance song can be hard to find.

Here we are going to look at how to pick that first song and how to make that first dance tingle with romance, proving your prowess as a fabulous dancer:

  •     How to choose the right track
  •     Picking the right version
  •     Top Ten Listing for live music
  •     What about Live Music?
  •     The Dance

First Dance Wedding Song - How to choose the right track

 The longer you've been in a relationship with your intended, the morely likely it is that you will have a track that is significant to the pair of you. Take a moment and consider the following to find that right track:

  • How did you first meet? or was there music at your first date?
  • Movies or Stage Show - First romantic movie you saw together?
  • Long distance travelling - whether by car or alternative, is there a common song that comes on when your travelling?
  • Serenaded - Have you been serenaded? Would that song be appropriate?
  • How did the proposal happen, was there any significant music?
  • Look back through old photo albums, pictures, or scrapbooks, does something bring a track to mind that would make the ideal first dance wedding song?

If you are still struggling after going through the above, don't fret about not finding a song (unless this is the eve of your wedding!), it will come. Perhaps divert your concentration to the reception as a whole.

Is it a formal do (so you might need a formal dance), is this the more relaxed part of the wedding (so modern / pop music would be suitable) or are you looking for a very different style of reception (in which case, anything would work).

This could help to identify the correct genre of music. From here, if your still stuck, then you could review some albums designated for Bride and Groom's to choose their first dance wedding song:

These featured albums, are all available through Amazon, and have Amazon's feature of listening to sample's of each track prior to purchasing either the album or the specific track.

Picking the right version

 You may well find the right song, because of the words or because of the music styling; but sometimes it's not quite right for the both of you. If this happens consider the following:

  • How is this going to be played at your reception - MP3 track, CD, Live? How this is replayed could change your opinion on the track
  • Would you rather an acoustic version? Try, it may be the difference
  • Without lyrics - like the album "First Dance - Wedding Songs by Wedding Songs"
  • Same song, by different artist

Once you've identified the right track, you can relax, a little. Remember you will need to practice to dance to it too...

First Dance Wedding Song - Top 10 Listing for Live Music

 Would you like to consider Live Music for your first dance wedding song? I have come in contact with music director, Dean Mark. He has provided us with a top ten list of the most popular music his band, The Reel Deal Band have been asked to play at Weddings the world over:

  1.     When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
  2.     Don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith
  3.     At Last - Etta James
  4.     Sweet Love - Anita Baker
  5.     Let's stay together - Al Green
  6.     So Amazing - Luther Vandross
  7.     For once in my life - Stevie Wonder
  8.     You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder
  9.     I just can't stop loving you - Michael Jackson
  10.     Get here - Oleta Adams

There is something that truly sparkles in having a live band. The atmosphere becomes electric, people's feet tap happily in the audience, and it's not long before all your guests are up from their seats and filling the dance floor.

What about Live Music?

 So how do you go about choosing a live band? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Who can play at your venue? - some bands do not have the means to travel too far, check local listings
  • Be realistic about your budget - you aren't going to get a quality session musicians for $100 a head
  • Can they play your chosen track as you like it? - Hearing samples of their work will help you discover if this is feasible.

However the live band will become the one of the key memorable factors of your wedding, ensuring that all your guests will be talking about it.

If you've never been to a Wedding where live music has been in the offing you may seem a little unsure about considering this as an option for your big day. However take a look at The Reel Deal Band in full action:

Reel Deal Band - Show Reel from Reel Deal Band on Vimeo.

If you'd like to know more information or have a question for The Reel Deal Band, you can use the following form to contact them:

Contact the Reel Deal Band

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

our wedding song

We chose this track...

Lost In Space by Lighthouse Family

We had a story behind the meaning.  I had written to Tim, quoting some of this track, prior to us getting together. For us it was where our journey together began.

First Dance Wedding Song - The Dance

 The key to pulling off a wonderful first dance wedding song, is practice, practice and more practice!

If you are a couple that struggle with rhythm, or one half of the partnership does, then practice is even more critical.

At least once a week, but prefably 3 times a week(!), you should clear the room with the most floor space and practice. It's the only way to perfect the dance.

Where you need to complete a more formal dance such as a Waltz, then you may wish to consider private lessons. Your instructor will then tell you how much practice you require and how many lessons.

A couple of points to remember:

  • Dance in your wedding shoes (or very similar in style), so that you are used to dancing in heels (or flats), you'll also be breaking those shoes in, so not a bad thing
  • Remember that your attire will be different - You will hold yourself differently because of the clothes. Clearly, you can't practice in your gown, but dressing in a full length dress for your dance lessons will help

The final word of course, is enjoy it.

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