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first aid training course...

...choosing the right one for you

Choosing the right first aid training course for your needs can be a nightmare. Quite simply, there are so many to choose from, and who should train you? Our guide should help you decide.

Here we are going to look at:

  • Course availability
  • Location
  • Attendance

Before we get you on a course though, how much first aid training do you require? Unsure, then lets look at that first...

If you are working for yourself, or you are just looking for general first aid training, you wouldn't necessarily need an in-depth course, but in other circumstances you might:


If you are attending your first aid training course on behalf of your employer, they may well have pre-determined the type of course that you are going to need.

If they haven't specified this then take a look through our commercial first aid kits page as this will help you identify your requirements.


There are some instances where you would need a current first aid certificate to meet your legal requirements.

These are typically country specific, but you should be aware of them, these are specially relevant where you care for others.

My best advice here, would be to check your governing bodies web pages, your job role (or description) as given to you, or even to contact a First Aid specialist in your area.


if possible...

Where possible, your First Aid Training Course should be tailored to the individual needs of the person or persons undertaking the training, and for the particular environment that they will be administering First Aid.

Working with children, whether this is a recreational hobby of yours, or your full time employment, will likely necessitate that you will need a first aid certificate.

There are specific courses that are available for you to undertake, specialising in first aid for children. These are particularly relevant if you have small children (under 5) or babies to care for.


You will find a number of courses that you can get onto locally to you. In fact there are some organisations globally that would likely have a center, person, or training facility near you.

Here are some of the links that will take you directly to booking their courses:

My one piece of advice on booking a course, is to make sure that you go with a recognised organisation and that they will issue you with a certificate to state that you have completed the course.


Most first aid establishments have somewhere where you can attend their first aid courses without too many problems. But that said there is always the option for them coming to you.

This is something to consider, especially if you are an employer looking into first aid training courses for the following reasons:

  • Train a number of employees at once
  • A cost effective solution
  • Trainee's will know where the location, lunch arrangements etc

Another time to consider this would be when you are looking for your First Aiders to attend refresher training. This can then be arranged as an annual event.


Depending on the contents of the course, you could find yourself spending a lot more time on your hands and knees, or generally on the floor. After all First Aid training is usually fully hands on!

With this in mind, to attend your training even I would suggest the following:

  • Comfortable Trousers
  • Trainers or soft canvas shoes (wear socks!)
  • T-shirt, short or long sleeved - this will give you room to move

I would also take the following with me:

  • Notepad
  • Pen / Pencil / Highlighter
  • Money
  • Your lunch, unless stated it's provided
  • First Aid manual

Although the course will be hands on, there is usually some briefings, talks and reference material that you'll be given or will sit through. Taking appropriate notes for you to inwardly digest at a later date, is always favourable.


Clearly one way forward to help employers and those wishing to attend First Aid training progress would be to conduct an online first aid training course.

Whilst this is going to be highly practical for theory, you are not going to be able to practice such things as the putting someone into the Recovery Postion or giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without the use of a CPR Dummy.

For this reason, I strongly believe the best way to receive your first aid training, is directly through a course, which is face-to-face. I know of all the courses that I have attended for First Aid, I actually wouldn't feel comfortable dealing with an emergency without the invaluable knowledge these courses provide.

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