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How to choose your family vacation spots.

Which location, the type of holiday, things to do, all on a budget.

Here we'll look at prioritizing the practical elements and get your vacation time off on the right foot.

You have a lot of people's wishes to consider, and you need to weigh these up against other (crucial) factors...

If you are a creature of habit, you may opt for the same location, hotel, eating and travel arrangements as in previous years.

On the other hand, perhaps it's time for a change!

Let's put some sense around the list of requirements that you and your family have...


Ask everyone who will be travelling with you, where and what they would like to do. This will give you a long list of ideas to work through. To make life easy here are the ballot sheets for you.

Sift through the ideas, do you have any in common? Are there any you need to vitto!

When I do this, I arrange them on the kitchen table.


The next task is to schedule the time for your vacation.

As the children get older their schedules get more complicated. So whether you have to work around exams, school terms, or other family commitments work out when you can get away together.

Put any leave requests to your employers/schools/child-care as required. The more notice you can give the better (usually!)


I find these two usually go hand in hand.

So take a look at the requests that you have received. Is there a common theme? Do you fancy trying something new? Is there a request to visit a particular place? You need to make the decision...

I can guarantee that my 7 year old will have us traipsing to EuroDisney every year if she could. However, our budget would not stretch that far, every year!


How are you going to stay when you are there? Are you going camping, staying in a hotel, or do you fancy a Bed & Breakfast? You may need to buy equipment, if you've never been on this type of holiday before!

Pets - If you are not (or cannot) take your pets with you, then you need to find care for them.

This isn't always cheap, and I've known it to cost more than my family's vacation!

Your other decisions can have a bearing on your budget, so do keep this in mind.


How are you going to get to your destination? If you are leaving the country, then you need to check...

  • Passports - does everyone have one, are they in the right name and are they in date?
  • Visas - do you need a Visa for the destination, how and when do you apply?
  • Other specialist requirements - these are dependent on your destination, but could also be linked to your Visa requirements.

Your travel isn't just about getting to your destination, how are you going out and about when you are there? Do you need to consider Car Hire? If so, do you have your full driving license?


This isn't something usually considered when choosing the ideal family vacation spots. However, if you have a young child with very fair skin, it may not be wise to travel to the hottest of countries.

If you have a specialist diet, are you going to be able to eat easily?

Do you need to make any medical arrangements, for instance if you suffer from diabetes. You will have to declare your condition to those that you travel with, especially if it's on an airplane.


As you have chosen your location and where you are going to stay, you may have already made this decision. This is linked to your budget too, but you will need to decide whether you are going to go...

  • Self-catering
  • Breakfast only
  • Half board
  • Full board
  • All inclusive

Remember to adjust your budget accordingly.

Now you have all the details you need to talk to your Travel Agent, or commence the search for your Family Holiday package.

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