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Event Planning Checklist, is it Christmas, Birthday, Valentines, Picnic's, or Halloween events that you need a checklist for?

Is your Event more a lifetime milestone, such as moving out, going to college, planning retirement? The lists are endless!

However with this guide you will have something for everyone and no-one will be forgotten!

Most people I have talked to find event planning potentially traumatic, and fret about what needs to happen and when, being reluctant to be the chief organizer.

Whether you have been "volunteered" for the organization or it is something you thrive to do; you should find suitable checklists here to assist you along the way.

In most instances your event planning checklist will need similar things, however having a checklist tailored to your specific event, will make it easier for you in the long run.


When planning any event there are a number of common factors. These should be encompassed in all of our event planning checklists, some of the high level reasons for considering these points are detailed here:

  • Date - Remember you might need to give those to be invited plenty of notice, perhaps to save up to attend; or perhaps because you want to plan this in prime holiday season.
  • Venue - What do you need from your venue? Do you need to prepare food there? What capacity does the venue have? Do they have suitable facilities if your event is to include children?
  • Guest List - Who do you want to be there? This would be null and void, if your planning a quiet event in which you wish to propose marriage, but for larger events, this checklist will help you manage your invitations and RSVP's.
  • Food - are you going to need food? Would a drink and snack be viable or do you need a sit down meal?
  • Entertainment - are you going to need entertainment? Is it to be music for dancing? Would you rather organise table magicians to entertain your guests at their sit down meals?
  • Transportation - Are you needing to think about transporting your guests to or from the venue? Do you need accommodation with your venue to avoid transportation concerns? How about arranging a map and/or provide the satelite navigation details for your guests?
  • Specialist occassion details - May be you need a cake? Do you need to arrange speakers, such as a master of ceremonies? Do you need to make sure that you have that engagement ring?
  • Any associated costs - are you asking for your events' attendees to pay for anything? If its accommodation, transportation, then you will need to factor those that live life on a budget. Bear this in mind across all of your event planning.

specialist checklists

Our calendar's are full of many special days that are not necessarily related an individual member of our family.  It is personal choice as to whether you celebrate them or not.  If it is your first time to celebrate though, you may well want one of these checklists to help you through...

Mardi GrasMothering Sunday | Fathers Day | Saint's Day  | Independence Day

The other calendar events in the year are more broadly celebrated.  Here I've collected a number of checklists so you have an easy reference point...

halloween & thanksgiving

Halloween Party  |  Costumes  | Meaning of Thanksgiving  | Thanksgiving Dinner  

Halloween Costumes, great for any Halloween PartyWitch & Vampire Costumes!

Are you planning to host your Halloween Party? Ideas galore on what you could do for the occasion, including the costumes!

Perhaps your researching more about Thanksgiving, what it means to you and everyone else. Did you know how many nations celebrate the festivities? Take a look...

Fancy staying at home this year for Thanksgiving?

Perhaps its the first time you've had to cook the Turkey?

Worried you might have forgotten something, well there's a checklist here just for you.


Preparations  |  On the Day  |  Cards  |  Gift  | Tree

Christmas candle topper

Do you dread Christmas coming up?

The thought of December looming, knowing that you have to race to the shops and fit more chores into the house than you really have time for?

Then look no further. With these checklists, you can manage a Christmas budget, your gift purchases, your cards and all without breaking a sweat.  All through the year!

Let's first take a look at our Christmas Countdown clock, then you can follow this month by month...

Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec

After Christmas you then have the delights of packing up your ornaments and tree ready for next year.  We've also taken a look at the following storage solutions...

Ornament storage | Wreath | Wrapping Paper | 

Valentine, dating & proposing

Ideas  | Romantic Dinner  | FlowersPicnic Ideas  |  Marriage Proposal  

As February looms round, do you wonder how to tell your loved one how special they are?

Perhaps your at the point in your relationship where you wish to propose marriage.

May be your looking for ideas to keep the romance alive in your relationship?  

Would you like to treat your special someone to something truly special...

Don't forget ... send your Valentine eCard today! 

other parties...

Party Checklist  |  Children's |  Birthday  |  Family Reunion  

Having been a children's entertainer, party planner, and a member of a big family, you get used to the special events through the years (and decades).

But if you haven't that experience, it has to be truly daunting!

Help is at hand here, with a selection of my favorite checklists.

With the school holiday's surrounding Easter, there are many things you can do with the children.  Not just Easter Egg Hunts!  These checklists will hopefully keep you all entertained over this holiday period.

Easter Crafts |  Easter


Over my time I have arranged one or two event's to say the least.

They have usually been in honour of someone else, and I host them as I really don't know what to buy them as a gift!

My rationale being that memories are priceless, so what better gift to give!

Now I haven't always had loads of time to organise these events.

In fact my Mum's surprise 40th Birthday was arranged in about 4 days from start to finish.  Right under her nose!  And she didn't suspect a thing!  It was a challenge to pull it off, but I succeeded with assistance from her close friends and my grandparents.

We had a fantastic event and she thoroughly enjoyed herself; I did vow however to always leave myself a little more time, next time!

Most of the events that I have organised have been surprise events, and usually they are for the main guest.

I have always had a challenge though to surprise my Dad. I finally achieved this with my parents' Pearl Wedding Anniversary.

It took some doing, but thanks to a very feasible excuse from my sister and her husband, we were able to get both Mum and Dad to the venue without suspicion!

remember !

It doesn't have to be you that washes and sweeps at the end of it all!

There are a few key elements to making sure that your event is a success, and being organised with your event planning checklist is only one of them.

The other is sometimes a harder lesson to learn, as you have to know your strengths, recognise your weaknesses, and where most people fail, is to ask for help!

Delegation is at times the name of the game, again, this is dependent on the size of the event you are intending to hold.

Want to host the best event ever?

Are you not sure what you need?

Perhaps your looking for some assistance?

Help is at hand, and not just from me...

...if you're not needing help, but want to share your Success, we'd love to hear from you too!

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