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emergency car kit

Do you have one with you?

Having an emergency car kit in your vehicle with you is probably one thing, most people would consider to be a good idea, and one of the last things that they would consider actually doing!

Why? People are optimists and the "Oh! that would never happen to me!" phrase springs immediately to my mind.

So rather than being like them, lets get you prepared...


My own Volkswagen Beetle, (my pride and joy), only ever broke down the once.  Despite it being an air-cooled engine, the reason behind it was limiting air circulation leading it to over-heat!  I was going on my Summer Holidays at the time.

A fortunate lunch spot break ensued, giving the engine time to cool - we all refuelled and we were soon back on the road.

However should you drive a vehicle you are unfamiliar with, an older vehicle, or you genuinely don't like being caught out; you could be considered sensible to pack and store in your car an emergency kit.

I do know that there are other people that would pack such a kit in the winter, reckoning that their vehicle is more likely to break down then... but the heat of a good summer can also have damning effects.

So whatever car you drive, old or new (new ones you'll find you can probably purchase an emergency kit of sorts direct from the manufacturer!), being prepared for any eventuality is never a bad thing.

Emergency Car Kit

seasonal changes

It would be wise to alter your emergency car kit, depending on the weather and where you live.

The last time I did break down, I was pregnant with my second child, Aidan. I was about 24 weeks into pregnancy, and the whole experience was somewhat frightening. At the time, I really couldn't think straight and blame this whole heartedly on the pregnancy.

Despite having appropriate roadside assistance cover, I was frightened, beyond belief, panicked and after a few curt calls with my husband, resorted to phoning my Dad.

Despite the frightful weather, Dad made his way out, and came to my rescue.

I did get caught out, quite badly.

The car kit I had in the car, was tailored to the summer, and here I was sat in the snow, shivering, wrapping my tummy up

But the emergency car kit containing suntan creams, summer hats, and some extra bottles of water, really wasn't much use!

No not the smartest move ever, but you live and learn.

Now depending on how you wish to operate, you can keep either a small concise bag with the few essentials in it within the car, or pack a bag that will support you, whatever the weather!

This is personal preference, and would whole heartedly depend on the space to store such items within your vehicle.


Did you know you can purchase ready made emergency car kits?

Yup you can! In fact many are stocked by, which can be anything from a General Traveler Road Kit, to one tailored specifically for Winter.

However for quick an easiness, I rather like the sound of the Grab-'n-Go Emergency Kit.

It caters for more extreme conditions, and being able to sustain people for up to 3 days; if I was going adventuring on any road trip, I would be tempted.

So how do I make that assessment? Checking the kits to ensure that they have what I deem essential, and as long as the basic essentials are included as recommended by bodies such as the American Red Cross - then I am happy!

So whether you are looking for a kit for your new car, to put in your child's car as a gift for passing their driving test, or something to keep your loved ones safe, you should be able to find something suitable.

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