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easy halloween costumes for a busy mom!

Easy halloween costumes? Why? Because sometimes the simplest things are the most effective! If you are looking for inspiration, then you needn't look any further...

Before you go heading to cut up the bed sheets into ghost costumes, lets just run down the things that make an costume complete!

  • Make up or Face Paints
  • Footwear
  • Headwear
  • Accessories

Halloween Cat & Undead PirateHalloween Cat & Undead Pirate!

So let's take a look at the Halloween invitation you have been sent, what does it say?

  • Halloween Costume?
  • Fancy Dress?
  • Fancy Dress - named theme?

I know that if hosting a Halloween Party I would rather like to have all my guests in Halloween costume. A room full of ghosts and ghouls would be fantastic.

However, you may also wish to inspire your guests to the fancy dress challenge! How? Give them enough notice, advise of a Halloween fancy dress prize and see who turns up at your door!

But what to wear for yourself?

easy halloween costumes - the mummy

Fairly easy to do, requiring lots of crepe bandages here is what we would recommend...

  1. Wearing tight clothing, such as leggings or tights, preferably black
  2. Figure hugging top, preferably black
  3. Crepe Bandages
  4. Black Face paint
  5. Safety Pins

With the person to be dressed as a mummy in dark, figure hugging clothing, cover any showing skin with black face paint.

If you are disguising your child, make sure they've been to the loo before you proceed!

Starting with the torso, wrap the bandages around the middle, working your way to one arm. If you get to the end of a bandage, do not worry too much about finishing neatly. Dangling bandage ends adds to the spookiness of the costume!

Work on the torso to the other arm. Make sure you are not restricting the Mummy's breathing...

Now get your Mummy to move their arms and bend around. Make any adjustments as necessary.  Would you like to make an awesome Mummy?  Then take a look at this stunning make-up video...

for the head

With the all skin color with face paints, you can start wrapping the head up. Try to leave little/no covering on ears.

Keep anything around the neck, loose.

Be sure to allow your Mummy to see, and be able to drink. Albeit this may have to be with a straw...


Starting at the waistline, bandage your way, loosely down the pelvis and leg of the Mummy.

I would suggest pinning the bandages to the leggings or tights. The reason? Well should the toilet be required, this won't restrict the person from going!

When coming to the feet, pin the ends of the bandages to the ankles of the leggings and let them hang loose..

finishing touches...

Adding small parts of bandages to drape and cover the shoes would work, and provide the Mummy with some freedom. However, you could also bandage the whole foot if you wished.

other easy halloween costumes

Not quite sure that you fancy the Mummy?

There are a whole realm of other costumes that you can choose.  

It may well be that your little one wants to where a superhero costume or another costume that they own.  

But if you want to stick with the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween, here are some other checklists that could get your creative juices going...

Witch & Dracula costumeA last minute invite to a halloween party


One of the all time easiest solutions... the bedsheet!

You need to make sure that it isn't your Mom's best though!!

Be careful when cutting the wholes in for your eyes.


Dracula, bless him, is smartly dressed.  

So with your school shirt and trousers on, you just need a smart tie and a cape...

The most distinguishing factor would be the pointed teeth and some great face paints.  Ask Mom to help...


Pugsley Addams!  Not much needed for this costume...

  • White face paint (black for dark rings round your eyes)
  • Dark trousers
  • Dark horizontally striped top

Ideal for those lads with a very short hair cut.


Wednesday Addams - remember you shouldn't SMILE! 

If you have an older style black dress, black tights and shoes.  

Ideally with dark long hair that can be plaited into long pig-tails.  Voila!

Last minute invites can come and surprise you!  So you may find that you have to head out and purchase the ideal outfit.  

Having taken a look at, you may like to choose some of these, all available there...

Do you have your own easy halloween costumes that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you!

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