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list of easy easter crafts 

Easter egg hats and bonnetsEaster Egg Bonnet

Easy easter crafts can enhance your festive table as well as getting the children involved in the run up to Easter, making the Easter holidays fun to do.

Some of the best ways to keep the children entertained is spend some time doing the following...

  • Making an Easter Bonnet
  • Making a basket for their Easter Egg Hunt
  • Decorating Eggs (and or wooden spoons)
  • Making Easter decorations
  • Making your Easter Cake
  • Making your Easter wreath

I'm sure there are many more, but these are the ones we typically do.

easy easter crafts with paper

Easter egg craftsEaster Egg paper crafts

With Easter just around the corner here, I've been looking out for a new source of supplies.  

Well it just so happens that doing my weekly grocery shop, I found some wonderful paper.

So my plan for the weekend will involve making some delightful Easter decorations for our white Easter tree.  

The tree is a new edition this year, and was met with so much enthusiasm that, as a family, we've decided to keep it in our kitchen and adorn it with seasonal crafty makes! 

With this delightful paper I'm hoping to get the children to make some cards, and at least an Easter basket.  

Although we will also be making the Easter bonnets, so envisage that some of the paper will be added to the decorations there!

easy easter crafts in the kitchen

Now is the time to find those children's aprons, as we are delving for the paint and the eggs!  

If you are reluctant to use paint, but your children are OK with using markers, then you may like to use a Sharpie, such as these packs, which you can get from Amazon...

While these will be vibrant, just remember that the color can dull, as the egg shell is permeable.  

If you have younger children, or don't wish to not have a mess, then it would be wise to hard-boil the eggs!

2018 Update - With Easter this year, we bought a tree that lights up and placed eggs all over our tree!  It was lovely to see it lit up on Easter Sunday.

Other things to do with your eggs, is to have Egg races or to hide the painted eggs for finding them. 

The egg races are would be held with a spoon.  I've also seen an egg tossing!  This is where you throw the eggs as far as you can, but there is a catch... the eggs must not crack or break.  Not as easy as it sounds eh?

For the more traditional egg activities, you can check out our Easter Egg hunts.

From us all here at, enjoy your Easter. 

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