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easter egg hunt - host your own

Looking to host your own Easter Egg Hunts this year? Here you can find out a little bit about...

Depending on when Easter falls, the 'relaxing' holidays, can catch you by surprise. I know it does me!

The key is to get prepared, early, leaving you with minimal organisation on the day.

Let's begin...

Ornate, decorated easter eggEaster egg hunts don't have to use chocolate eggs

easter egg hunt history

So what did come first, the chicken or the egg?

Well that as always is the ultimate riddle, however the meaning behind Easter Eggs is to do with the pagan symbol of rebirth, and in particular with the resurrection of Jesus.

The element of the egg being at the resurrection can be re-told by one of two variants, a pious legend states that Mary Magdalene brought cooked eggs to share with other women at the tomb of Jesus. On the sight of seeing the risen Christ, the eggs turned red.

Alternatively a differing legend tells of Mary Magdalene meeting the Emperor of Rome and greeting him with "Christ has risen". The Emperor declaring that he was no more risen than that egg (pointing at one) is red. After his declaration was made the egg immediately turned red.

Depending on your beliefs, there are similarities between those tales. I wonder if the symbolism of the eggs turning red, are why the custom of given painted eggs came about?

easter egg hunt ideas

I have run a few Egg Hunts over my time, firstly as a Brownie Leader, but subsequently as a Mum and as an Aunt! Here are a few ideas that I have tried over time:


* top tip *

Remember you may have team members who are color blind, to get round this draw a shape, number or symbol on the eggs for that team with a permanent marker

Using the plastic eggs in your Egg Hunt three major advantages...

  1. Reusable
  2. Contents tailored to audience
  3. Weather proof

The fact that you will be able to lay your trail the day before and not worry about the eggs being spoilt by a heavy due, or 'melted' by too much early sun, just makes running events all the easier.

Depending on your seekers, you are able to put anything from a small favor, a clue or even a mini chocolate egg into the middles.

Are you looking to run the event in Teams? Then these eggs lend themselves to this, as the bright and vibrant colors make for easy distribution.

So decided that you'd like to give the plastic eggs a go? Then here's our checklist to help you run the most successful Easter Egg Hunt.


For my own family, I purchased a kit a few years ago.

Mainly this was because I was amazed that you could get an Easter Egg Hunt kit!

The content of my own kit included...

  • 6 types of paper eggs, all numbered
  • Easter direction arrows
  • Egg baskets
  • Face masks for Easter craft

What was fun about this kit was it was like "Easter in a box".  

I really didn't need to add too much to the hunt.  But you could enhance it if you wished!

Easter egg hunt basket and ownerMy daughter with her Easter Egg Hunt basket

I did engineer that the end of the hunt for the eggs, would end the children back in the house.

Their final egg to find, was stashed in amongst all their Easter Gifts. The look of surprise on their faces, was fantastic.


The age of your seekers will impact how you build you hunt and what type of hunt you do.

So here is a quick guide on what I would suggest for your seekers age range...


I have found that the best egg hunt game for pre-schoolers, was setting them out a very simple trail following these points...

  • Make the area fairly small - remembering they only have little legs

  • They have Limited attention span - so don't make the eggs too difficult to find, and likely best on ground level

  • Make use of seeking for paper / card eggs, with all their chocolate ones at the end. Otherwise they will want eat it as they find it!

For additional fun, their Easter Eggs or gift piles could be sat with the Easter Bunny. 

You can also get them in the mood with some suitable crafts, colorings, making masks, or applying Face Paints!

Cadbury's Mini Eggs for your Egg hunt.


Granted towards the top end of this age bracket you may be hit by some reluctance.  However, in truth, (deep down), they want the chocolate so they will comply!

I would use plastic eggs for this age bracket.  Once your hunters have woken, and had breakfast, (their usual routine), give them first clue....

  1. dress as a Bunny!  You can dig out the face paints, add bunny ears, (and tail).
  2. Head for the start of the trail.
  3. Find all the plastic eggs, (you may state a color or number, however you've organized the hunt) 
  4. If sending them outside of your home, make sure they have someone with them or check points to get to.
  5. Once at the end they will have collected their eggs 
  6. *Optional* the last location takes the hunter to all of their Easter Egg presents and gifts.

ten years and upwards

For those that are older, yes they can enjoy the excitement of an Egg hunt with these few ideas...

  • "Those who collect the most wins" - this will appeal to the competitive side of this age range. 
  • Give any younger of the age group a head start if needs be
  • Set a time limit for the egg collection
  • Using a more public space - make sure all know the boundaries!
  • Scavenger Egg hunt - it's up to you whether they will seek eggs, or receive eggs as a prize
Easter egg hunt - eggs in the grassEggs in the grass!

Want to increase the difficulty level of your Easter Egg Hunts? Hide different size eggs and don't put them in clusters, as your Seekers will follow the 'people' rather than seek the eggs!

If you are doing this out of 'secure' surroundings, e.g. at the local park rather than at home, make sure your seekers wear something distinguishing, and that doesn't have to be Easter related.  

I've run this sort of activity with the Girl Guides - they were in uniform, which made it easier to identify them. 

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