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diaper bag checklist
a guide to the best contents

The Diaper Bag Checklist, whether your angel is newborn or a pre-schooler get the contents right!

Don't be like me and try as you might squeeze in the kitchen sink...

Sound familiar..., if only, but they just don't make the bags!

The fact of the matter is that the Diaper Bag is a key to a:

  • Clean, fed, comfortable, contented baby
  • Content and occupied toddler
  • An engaged and enthuised pre-schooler!

This should then help to avoid the confrontation of an unhappy child.

You can then shop at the supermarket or Mall in peace; or get some quiet time for that gossip you've been dying to have with your friends over coffee!

Seeing as the background to the Diaper Bag Checklist comes from having my own family, it's probably about time I introduced you to my little brood formally:

I have Elizabeth (born 2006) and Aidan (born 2010). Pictured here taken July 2010.

If it wasn't for these two, I would probably still be thinking that Parenting was a doddle and no-one would be looking for a diaper bag checklist! Little did I know!

I have quite a sad tale to share about how I got so much practice in packing diaper bags, but firstly have a look at the diaper bag checklist.

learnt through experience

The Diaper Bag Checklist, came about from having to learn to travel light, but carry all essentials.

I was 35 weeks pregnant when my dear Mum advised me that she had terminal cancer. I put on a very brave face, I believe said something supportive, and when my husband and I left my childhood home, I fell apart.

I think that is the most apt way of describing it. I felt like the floor of everything that I knew had been kicked in, and I was looking out over a void of emptiness.

It is a very terrible feeling.

Time was therefore critical, and it was more and more important that I spent every day I could with my Mum.

However we were an hours journey away, and I was suffering with acute Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), so driving I physically couldn't do, and to sit as a passenger was REALLY painful.

Beth arrived in May 2006, a very petite but perfect 5lb, although via Cesarean section; we were both fine and dandy!

Given a few weeks for us to get know her and vice versa, we spent a lot of time travelling down to my Parents (Tim's parents lived round the corner too, which was handy!), and I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter, with the wider family, and perhaps at times more importantly, just Mum and I.

Hence I had packing the diaper bag for newborns down pat in next to no time!

to conclude...

As time went on the inevitable happened, Beth was only 6 months old.

I was however extremely grateful that Mum had met my daughter, to-date her only grand-daughter, and I would like to believe that there was a level of understanding between them.

I have tried to explain this in words, but it never sounds right.

In attempt, I will just say, I witnessed a very intense moment between them both. I believe Beth, whilst sat on Mum's knee, made a memory of "Grandma".

From Mum's point of view, I do not know what the impression was, but there was almost something traded there. It may well have been a spiritual moment, I really don't know, but I almost felt like an intruder; this was their time.

Beth said her farewells to Mum about 3 days before she died, whilst Mum still knew what was going on, seeing them grab each other's hands, wets my cheeks even now.

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