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creative valentine ideas

For the best creative valentine ideas, you need to find or create something perfect for your valentine.

The big question is how well do you know them?

Finding that something perfect can be a challenge.  To help, work out the following...

  • Their Favorite color
  • Their Favorite flower
  • Any Jewellery they'd like
  • A favorite Chocolate
Say The Red Rose

Are they a hopeless romantic, or are they someone you would love to know a lot better?

These are all the little things that you should pay attention to over Valentine's Day.  They are the reasons that you love them, why you have fallen for them, and why you have even married them.

Though you could be here as you are one of those people, that isn't truly sure what Valentine's day is all about? Is it an avenue that card-makers beef up to get additional sales in February? Let's look out the facts about...

Perhaps you are thinking of proposing this Valentine's Day?  If it is a leap year lads, don't be surprised if you are asked that question!

origin of valentine's day

The origin of valentines day isn't quite as romantic, as it is portrayed today.

The day is named after one or more Christian martyrs and was established in 500AD as a day for St. Valentine.  Somewhat of a rocky road through history!

However getting known for it's romantic love was more to do with Geoffrey Chaucer, and where the tradition of courtly love flourished.

Lit candles, give a romantic air.Candles create a romantic atmosphere

There are Roman connections including the defiance of a priest, called Valentine, and the fact that he disagreed with Emperor Claudius's decree about soldier's remaining batchelors.

perfect valentine's day

As for creative valentines ideas, I know my husband struggles with this, despite numerous hints of things that he could do or arrange. Instead I've resorted to writing this page, may be he'll read it and finally get the hint!

So let's see if we can inspire your own creative valentines ideas with something along these lines...

  • Send a card, a note - Yes you can get someone else to write your card, address it, or even post from a different place. If you are not in a relationship where you reside at the same address, this can add mystery and intrigue to the Valentine, especially if it's not expected!
  • Write a lunchbox message - This could be with the inclusion of threatre, concert tickets, perhaps a Red Letter Day experience, of just a home written rhyme declaring your undying affection for your valentine.
  • Send flowers, chocolate, confectionary - Express your love! Yes why not! They are the love of your life, send a bouquet to their work address, as a full demonstration of your love for them. If flowers aren't your Valentines 'thing', have you considered sending a bouquet of balloons? Or chocolates? or a Teddy Bear?
  • A mystery date - perhaps your Valentine's card gives instructions, or an address to meet at, or perhaps you've sent these instructions on a single red rose? The essence of the intrigue of what will ensue for your Valentine, will certainly get them tingly all over!
  • Special gift - this is where your creative valentine ideas can go to town! Depending on your Valentine, anything from a romantic picnic (it doesn't have to be outside!) to lingerie may be wanted, and appreciated. Just ensure that it is something that your Valentine would truly want, and not necessarily, what you'd like to give (or see them in!)
  • Marriage proposal - Definitely not something for every Valentine, or every Valentine's Day. However it may be the right time in your relationship to take that commitment that step further. Perhaps as the lady of the partnership, the leap year has arrived, and your creative valentine ideas are looking to exercise the tradition and ask him to marry you! A marriage proposal should be special, not just because it's Valentines, but because it is a special question to ask!

In essence, everything that should surround the day should make it special for your Valentine.

Remember it doesn't have to cost the earth, in fact some of the best creative valentines ideas come with little or no price tag.

Everything should be from the heart, and given of course with love.

valentine's day to remember

Card & chocolates - now traditional giftsMy Valentine Gifts

For me the prominence of Valentine's Day, is the special sending and (if your lucky!) receiving of a note or a card, from your special someone.

Reminding you that they do care, they love you lots, and that they are going to be there for you.

However once in a while it would be nice to have something a little more along the creative valentine ideas... 

So are you one of these people, that dusts off the one silk red rose year after year after year?  Time to re-think your romantic gesture...

Wouldn't it be better to do something a little more along the lines of a creative valentine ideas?  You'll surprise your other half, and give them something really different this year.  

As for me?  I adore receiving a special card.  My husband tries to find me a 'tear jerker' every year.  As a Mum of three, I also receive a homemade card from them.  I treasure those, as they have spent the time thinking about me (well that's what I'd like to think!).

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