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Countdown Until Christmas - August

by Jenny

Christmas Eve Box and Home Made quilted stockings

Christmas Eve Box and Home Made quilted stockings

Christmas Eve Box and Home Made quilted stockings
Christmas Eve Box painted red first
Our Christmas Eve Box before decorating

We're on the countdown until Christmas, yes, even in August!

During the month of August, you may well have the kids home from school. Your Summer holiday looming, and the furthest thing from your mind is Christmas. That's month's away right... are you sure? Check the Christmas Countdown Clock.

I love the August sales that are around.

The bargains are usually really great, as you can pick up the pens, pencils, colouring sets, papers that others are using to get ready back to school. You on the other hand just need somewhere good to stash
your loot.

Christmas 2017, I got my children a set of colouring pens each. Packs of crafting paper. Packs of drawing paper or activity books.

The other things I like to pick up in the Summer, are items such as...

  • Hair ties, hair bands, ribbons that are bright and colourful

  • Any summer item of clothes that have been requested

  • Any cotton Pajamas that are reasonably priced

  • Any baskets, hampers, or containers that are more likely to be found over the summer months, but that you'd like as a gift

This leads me onto telling you about our latest Christmas tradition...

Our Christmas Eve Box

We have started putting together as a family a Christmas Eve box.

Within this box, I place a few small things...

  1. Our Christmas Eve Stockings

  2. The reindeer food that we will have made

  3. A selection of sweets for all to enjoy

  4. A suitable DVD for Christmas viewing

  5. A gift for each member of the family

  6. A brand new pair of pajama's

If you do something similar, or wish to start, August is the perfect month to source a box and start to decorate it.

Where did I get our box from? It was from Amazon. I'd recommend having a look...

...if you aren't too creative, you can always get one that is already decorated too!

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