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Cloth diaper reviews are popular!

Becoming Mom you'll consider diapers and the question of washable or disposable will arise. So what are you going to do?

Washable diapers may not just prove to be economically sound, but also make financial sense. So before you head to the supermarket for the latest disposable brand consider these points:

  • What do you need for washable diaper?
  • Cloth Diaper Routine
  • Diaper services

How do I know?

My two children have used washable diapers for the majority of their infancy. I am therefore writing this washable diaper review from our experiences...


how many diapers

If you intend to use cloth diapers from birth, allow between 6 and 8 diapers per day.

Then allow for your cleaning routine: so buy enough for 2 days - you will then have one in use, whilst the other is being washed and dried.

Here is the list of equipment and diapers that I bought.

I have not had to buy anything in addition to this checklist. Similarly I have not had nothing sat as "unused"...

  • 1 x Diaper Pail
  • 2 x Nets for diaper pail
  • 1 x washable carry bag
  • 20 x Cloth diapers
  • 5 small diaper wraps, 3 medium diaper wraps
  • Biodegradable diaper liners
  • 20 washable wipes

For us the particular brand of diapers that we opted for were sold in units of 10. We therefore obtained 20 diapers. I found it easier to have one washable wipe per diaper, hence recommend 20.

You will need the covers (also known as wraps) to go with these, and I was recommended to get two sizes, a small and a medium. These have both served me well.


Searching for an appropriate cloth diaper pail, I thought would be easy. I am apparently mistaken.

My diaper pail requirements are, I thought simple:

  • A simple pail
  • With a lid that will create a seal
  • Not too tall
  • Able to hold a max of 10 soiled diapers, washable liners and wipes

Having looked around the market place I have found this Bambino Mio diaper bucket that would certainly fit the bill:

The benefits of this pail are:

  • No need to pre-soak the diapers
  • There is a internal laundry bag system (no need for diaper nets!)
  • The lid is lockable which will assist in transporting the soiled diapers should you need e.g. to be washed

This is in fact a step up from my own diaper pail. I have had no problems with mine (it's like a bucket with a lid), especially when I had my eldest.


Once you've opted to proceed with the cloth diaper, here are a few tips to setting up the diapers system within your home:

  1. Place diaper pail, in user friendly place
  2. Add net to the pail and secure in place with lid
  3. Add diaper pre-soak solution as required
  4. Add washable carry bag to your diaper bag
  5. Add washable diapers, washable wipes, liners and spare wrap to diaper bag

Once this is set, you then need to get into a diaper routine. I found this routine most successful:

  1. Apply clean diaper as required; then
  2. With soiled diaper take more solid contents to the toilet, and dispose of and flush
  3. Add the diaper to the pail

I would typically follow these next steps in the evening:

  1. Take diaper pail and place next to open washing machine door
  2. Remove lid
  3. Gather net full of soiled diapers, and in swift movement place diapers into the washing machine (yes still in the net)
  4. Add detergent or washing agent, as recommended by your diaper brand
  5. Wash diapers
  6. When finished place diapers out to dry overnight

As to storing your pail, I am fortunate to have a down-stairs toilet, which is where our diaper pail resides. This makes the removal of soiled diapers quick and easy, with the added protection of a closed room, preventing my eldest to 'help'.

This link will provide you with the Cloth Diaper Reviews Checklist in a printable format.


Depending on your own amenities, and services available in your area, you may well consider looking at a Diaper Service.

The diaper service will provide you with instructions for using this individual service.

There are different companies available, some will service your own purchased diapers, whereas other services offer a package for you, where you'd use the companies diapers...

This is personal preference for me, I was a bit funny about giving away the soiled nappies, opting to deal with it all here at home.

This system works for us, but what about you? Do you use cloth diapers? Or are you considering using them? Tell us about your own diaper review:


Just want some advice, then pop your question below...

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