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In Need of Monthly Cleaning Tips?

Then look no further...

It's that time of the month again!

Time to dig out the monthly cleaning tips, for all those gruesome chores...

  • Blitz the kitchen - Fridge, Freezer, Oven...
  • Attention to de-scaling
  • Dusting those hard to reach places
  • Turn your attention to your shed/garage/ outhouse...

The monthly cleaning tips is host to some of the most off-putting jobs you'll find about keeping your home clean and tidy.

I'm not trying to put you off, (honest!) just trying to be factual and let you know what you may well find.

If you haven't already, therefore, this is the first time you are 'deep cleaning' your home, you may well wish to purchase some delightful marigolds (rubber gloves). They will keep your hands clean and drier than without them.

If your at all like me, they will also offer you some protection. I mean that you will have to put your hand where you wouldn't usually to clean the area.

Now what if there is something there, lurking, in the deep dark depths behind the dresser... oooo I'm going to stop now, cause I'm shuddering just thinking about it!


This is one of the things that not many people do - but you'll need to alter your physical view point...

I myself am vertically challenged, (well that's the policitically correct version)!

In a nutshell, I'm short - a whole 4ft 5 inches tall (7 when I wake up or am stretched!), and as with most people, what happens above my line of sight, I would probably never know.

I therefore have to climb up on to chairs, ladders, stools to obtain a number of things whilst living my life.

Keep yourself safe at all times.

Climbing on furniture is not safe.  It was not something that should be recommended.

Obtaining a small set of safety steps like these, for those hard-to-reach places, is far better...

...and safer!

This of course then heightens my view point, usually onto a somewhat dusty, grimey layer of horribleness. Enter the need for the monthly cleaning tips!

So by altering your view point you can see...

  • the top of your doorframes (don't touch with white gloves!)
  • the top of your dresser
  • bookshelves
  • lampshades
  • curtain rails

I tell you if you've never done this, and you consider yourself house proud, you may need to carefully step down, sit, relatively near the floor and have a nice strong cup of tea!

Feeling better? I am here to tell you it can all be done and all sorted.

The monthly cleaning tips, may get you up on your stool, but will also get you on your hands and knees... skirting boards, especially if you have children or pets - as these are enthusiastic muck magnets!

Monthly Cleaning Tips


You will establish your own routine of when to fit the chores in. Remember these points...

  • If you don't live alone, then the chores can be shared.
  • Choose a day or week of the month for the activities to be completed
  • If you need help don't be shy to ask!
  • Keep your safety in mind, at all times.

The key is to find what works for you and your household.

For instance, do you have a cat or a dog? Shut them away whilst deep cleaning the floors and skirting boards.

In my experience, playful spaniels and cleaning don't usually help!

Once the area is clean and dry, you can swap them into the clean bit, whilst working on the area he's just left.

How does this checklist work for me?

I do this, usually on the first Saturday of the month. My husband is home he takes the kids out and spends some quality time with them, whilst I get on with it.

Ok so I know that isn't quite sharing the chores. But it is a very big help, rather than the constant...

"Mummy, why are you doing that?"

As my little girl, bless her, is somewhat of a chatterbox!

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