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christmas wreath storage container

Having a Christmas wreath storage container will preserve your wreath for years to come. 

I've found as far as decorations go, wreaths are one of the most awkward items to store.  Yet I love to have one over the festive period.

When I think of the poor wreaths that I've purchased over the years, and their demise before they next saw the light of day, it could make me quite sad.  When I pull out the decorations in early December, a rather mangled mess of green and red erupts from it's storage container.  I could almost cry.

Gonna need a new wreath this year!


There have been years, where I have bought a "living" wreath and I do wish these could be preserved.  Unfortunately they are not meant to be.

For Christmas 2017, I ventured around a shop in October.  I was actually looking for a birthday present for a child's party.

I thought I'd have a look down the festive aisle.  

Well it was like goodies galore!  And there in the middle of the aisle sat the most wonderful wreath.  I loved it instantly.  In fact, I couldn't even tell you how much I paid for it, I just liked it and was going to buy it. 

Why do I like it so much? 

I'll be honest, I am not really sure.  But I what I can tell you, is the three snowmen faces remind me of my children when they are out in the snow.  I suspect it is a lot to do with that.

It is safe to say that they were the best decoration I found during 2017, although there was a close contender... plush Santa hats!

extra space?

Which storage container do you go for?  You may want to fit more than one wreath in the container.  Consider the following...

  • Number of wreaths.
  • Is the container soft or rigid
  • Is it air-tight (you may want this if you are placing it in the loft space, to reduce damp)
  • If needs be, can you store other items within the container,

What other items might you consider you could place inside the container too?  I would suggest items such as ribbon or tinsel in the middle of the wreath while it's in the container.  This could help alleviate space from elsewhere in your Christmas storage.

You may also wish to store the door hanging hook within the container.  At least you'll know where it is next year!

If you do have wreath's at other times during the year, such as Spring, or Easter, then you may wish to purchase more than one...

where to put your christmas wreath storage container

Very slowly, but surely all our seasonal decorations are being labelled and placed into boxes.  

Our Christmas decorations are placed in the top of my daughter's wardrobe.  She loves that they are up there (and yes, quite likely she has rummaged through it all).

One of the newest boxes is a Christmas Ornament Box, given the contents the box lid will always remain tight and flat. 

With this in mind, I am proposing to place the Christmas wreath storage container on top of this very box. 

Where it should (I hope) store my wonderful snowmen on their wreath.

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