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The best christmas ornament storage boxes

An new Christmas Ornament BoxOur Christmas hamper container was this ornament box

Our Christmas ornament storage boxes today are more sophisticated than when I was a small girl.

I remember a great big moving box being lifted down from the loft. 

There was usually a layer of dust that had formed, and the box was always immensely cold!  

But within that box were many precious memories of Christmases past. 

After the big brown box came a few smaller segmented boxes came down.  These were very precious, and I remember being told to be "very very careful". 

As a very small child, I wasn't allowed to touch these ones. 

They were definitely more "precious"... it wasn't until later years, that I found out they were the home to glass baubles!

Even now, with my three children, I look longingly at the glass baubles. 

One day I will have my own set, and no doubt tell them to be very very careful!

my christmas cowboy

I remember being about 5 years old, and getting a Christmas ornament project to make.  My Mum was involved with my little sister, and I remember asking Dad to help me with this...

We sat down together and cut the shapes and the felt out.  Dad had to cut a cork into slices so that we could use it to layer the ornament.  Then came sticking them all together.  If I remember rightly the felt was self adhesive, but the cork wasn't.  Dad glued it together with some sort of superglue.

We had to leave it overnight to dry.  

The next day, it was my pride and joy to put my Christmas Cowboy on our Christmas Tree.  

With my own parents we all used to decorate the Christmas Tree about 2 weeks before Christmas.   

It would be the Saturday closest to Christmas that Dad wasn't working.  I remember the day with fondness, and hunting through the box of ornaments to locate each precious memory...

With my Christmas Cowboy, every Christmas since, I have always headed to the big christmas ornament storage boxes to locate him and place him with pride on the tree.

With my own children, we do things slightly differently.  Each member of the family has their own special bauble.  Each year, they need to take their ornament and place it wherever they like on the tree.  

I make sure that these are the first ornaments on.  Each are precious to every family member, and our family christmas tree wouldn't be the same without them.  We have...

  • Matching prancing reindeer's which belong to Tim and I
  • Elizabeth has a special bauble with her name on it.
  • Aidan has a train bauble, as he has always loved trains.
  • Victoria has a pink bell with 2013 (the year she was born) carved out of it.  

Because of how special these bauble's are, they are always the last to be packed away.  I very often wrap these ones in other Christmas items or bubblewrap.  Then I need to remember to pack them to the top of the boxes, this way they will be easier to find "next" year!

Specialist christmas ornament storage boxes

Christmas Ornament box label.The label!

In 2016, my Dad bought my husband and I a hamper for Christmas. 

It was only when I got to the very end of it, did I realize that the container was actually a storage box. 

On closer inspection, I found that it actually was three layers deep, and had a cardboard dividers for each layer. 

It was the most perfect Christmas ornament storage box I have ever seen.

As you can see from the image at the top of this page, it is very like this one you can buy from Amazon...

With ample space, it made life a lot easier to pack up Christmas that year.

Unlike the picture from Amazon, I haven't just placed bauble's in the storage box. 

In fact the special baubles I have come in their own Christmas ornament storage boxes!   As they match the baubles, I am hardly ever to change this.

So I also place certain other ornaments in this box, not just those from the tree, including...

  • Bells
  • Cotton wool 
  • Pinecones
  • Sitting ornaments
  • Bows
  • Snowmen
  • Candles
  • Elves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Small stockings
  • Candle holders
  • Table decorations

The list could go on for a long time!   I did like that the segments within the box (being made of card) were flexible, and should I need it, I could fold them to generate more (bigger) spaces.   This was great to house items such as my Nutcracker.

a confession...

I love Christmas (just in case you hadn't worked that out).  Because I love Christmas, I keep buying more and more ornaments for Christmas. 

So I confess, I have filled up the ornament storage box I was bought in 2016.

This means that I am currently searching for the next storage box, in fact I have ordered the one I have featured on this page.  The other criteria I wanted to mention, was getting these boxes so they can be stackable.

Will two Christmas ornament storage boxes be sufficient?

Tim would tell you "yes"...

I'm saying - NO WAY!

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