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Christmas Countdown - September Fillers & Stitches!

by Jenny

September - working on Christmas items for the home

September - working on Christmas items for the home

September - working on Christmas items for the home
September - Christmas bead work

It's September, yay!

In this month, I tend to work on two things, Christmas makes for the home and the stocking fillers.

I find this is usually a good month, as my children have headed back into school. There is a bargain or two to be had. There are some Christmas things filtering into the shops, but not an overwhelming amount.

The Christmas countdown clock is ticking along nicely, but it's this month, I find that the realization of Christmas looming hits home.

So let's look at the Christmas makes...

Christmas around the house

In 2016, I spent September putting together a Christmas table runner (above) and patchwork stockings.

I enjoyed doing this at this time of year, as the Indian Summer meant I could work with the beads outside in the garden, while my youngest played.

The material was mainly sourced from my two local shops, one is a Haberdashery and the other a craft store.

Typically I bought Fat Quarters, and embellished the table runner with plenty of beads where appropriate.

Stocking Fillers

You've likely a list, created in January/February of items that you wish to get for the Christmas stockings. There are a few standard items that I usually try and include these are...

  • Gold coins! Either Gold or Silver, but a little sack of coins

  • Pants/Knickers

  • Fun Socks or Tights

  • An Annual or activity book for their favourite characters

  • Art and craft materials

  • Bubble baths, Bath Salts/Bombs

  • Their Santa toy

I also look around for a new set of Christmas PJ's for all members of the household. Now this is a little cheat, it's not for their Christmas Stocking, but it is for the Christmas Eve Box.

It is also feasible that I have collated some of these items over the year. So the very first job in September (usually the day after they've returned to school) is to check my stash of goodies. I divide the stash between my three children and see what is missing from the above listing.

Previous makes...

I've made a lot of things for around the house, but most recently I have...

  • Crocheted a Christmas Tree skirt

  • Crocheted a Christmas Blanket

  • Crocheted mermaid and Toothless tails

  • Made patchwork Table Runner

  • Finished three patchwork Christmas Stockings

Each year, I think I've done "everything". The next September, there I am, making something a little different.

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